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September 12, 2018

(SAGE Publications) SAGE Publishing has acquired technology start-up Lean Library and its associated products to promote the value of the academic library to patrons and bring library services directly into the patronís workflow via their web browser. The Lean Library browser extension provides seamless, one-click access to all licensed library resources, both on and off campus, and offers up legal routes to discover open access full text. At the same time, the service enables libraries to promote their services exactly when and where they are needed by delivering targeted, customisable messages directly into usersí workflows.

August 31, 2018

(SAGE Publications) SAGE Publishing today launched its first preprints server for the humanities and social sciences, in partnership with Figshare. Advance: a SAGE preprints community will provide academic researchers with a global platform to share early versions of their work ahead of formal peer review and publication. The open access platform will support original research and reviews, making content open to receiving feedback from colleagues and peers. The service enables researchers to disseminate and start communicating about their time-sensitive work and ideas faster and to garner engagement and feedback throughout their research process. All preprints published on Advance are eligible for publication in a wide range of SAGEís portfolio of peer-reviewed journals.

December 5, 2017

(SAGE Publications) SAGE Publishing has substantially expanded their investment in the RightsLink for Open Access platform from Copyright Clearance Center, a global licensing and content solutions organization.

November 6, 2012

(SAGE Publications) SAGE announced a change to its licenses that will provide university alumni with access to the content hosted on the SAGE Journals, SAGE Research Methods and SAGE Knowledge platforms through their university library. All alumni registered with subscribing or purchasing libraries will be able to access all SAGE products including over 645 scholarly and professional journals at no extra fee.

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