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Press Release: Keystone Systems, Inc. [July 8, 1998]

Outsourcing Services now available from Keystone Systems

Keystone Systems is proud to offer a new service: Libraries can outsource the main server hardware and its operation to Keystone Systems. To prepare for providing the outsourcing operations, Keystone has already installed T1 services for incoming Internet access by the participating libraries. The servers are equipped with multiple powerful processors, redundant disk storage for advanced data mirroring, and off-site storage and backup facilities. Keystone is committed to maintain the state of the art technology hardware, software and communications equipment for high performance and dependable operations.

Using such services, the libraries can now concentrate their main focus on patron services and leave the day-to-day data processing operations to Keystone. When the library operates at multiple locations but needs to access the same title information and/or patron information, the network solutions are simplified by accessing a central database by the internet. Also, the libraries can enjoy continuously improved new technology and no longer need to work on cyclical budget requests for upgrading hardware and software for every 3-5 years.

Publication Year:1998
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:July 8, 1998
Publisher:Keystone Systems, Inc.
Place of Publication:Raliegh, NC
Company: Keystone Systems, Inc.
Products: Keystone Library Automation System
Subject: System announcements -- selection
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