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Press Release: Infor Library and Information Solutions [April 14, 2006]

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council Goes Live with Vubis Smart

April 14th, 2006. On April 14th, 2006, Tameside's Library Service, part of the Community and IT Services group of the Council, successfully switched to its new Vubis Smart automation system.


Catherine Simensky, Borough Librarian, says: "We look forward to exploiting the wide range of facilities available in Vubis Smart. Our first impressions are that the system deserves its description as a Library Management System with the emphasis on ‘management'. As library services continue to be challenged by changing expectations, government priorities and local needs, much is demanded of those systems which sit at the heart of our service. As a four-star local authority, much is demanded of our services by our communities and their elected representatives. We are confident that in Vubis Smart we have invested in a system which will enable us to deliver our service to a high standard and manage that delivery effectively."

Steve Barker, General Manager of Extensity UK Libraries Division expressed satisfaction with the successful completion of the implementation. "We were very pleased when Tameside selected Vubis Smart as their new Library and Information system. Since signing contracts both Tameside and Extensity staff have worked hard to ensure the completion of the agreed project plan, which has today seen Vubis Smart go live and become available to all of Tameside's library staff and customers. We look forward to continuing our successful relationship over the coming years and to Tameside residents making full use of their new system both in their branch libraries and from home via the web OPAC and other services available to them."

About Tameside

Tameside's Library Services provide public book lending and information services to its 213,000 residents within the Greater Manchester area. The service is provided through 13 branch libraries and a mobile library, with home library and other specialist services also available. The service provides over half a million books, CDs, DVD's, videos and audio books for loan with free internet access, and other computer applications such as word-processing via the People's Network.

About Extensity (formerly Geac)

Extensity has been at the forefront of library technology for three decades with a rich history of providing innovative solutions to this demanding and diverse market. Major customers across the globe have benefited from our experience and knowledge within the market utilizing our highly respected range of automation tools and facilities. Extensity's library products and services incorporate industry standards compliance alongside leading edge technologies to provide efficient and effective solutions to all our customers.

Summary: Tameside’s Library Service, part of the Community and IT Services group of the Council, successfully switched to its new Vubis Smart automation system.
Publication Year:2006
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:April 14, 2006
Publisher:Infor Library and Information Solutions
Company: Infor Library and Information Solutions
Libraries: Vubis Smart
Subject: System announcements -- selection

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