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Press Release: Infor Library and Information Solutions [September 28, 2006]

Warwickshire County Council selects Vubis Smart as its New Library Information Management System

September 28, 2006. BRISTOL, England – Infor and its UK Libraries Division are pleased to welcome Warwickshire County Council as the latest UK customer for Infor's Vubis Smart library and information management system.

Ayub Khan, Quality & Operations Manager said, "This new and innovatory computer system will help us deliver 21st century library & information services and ensure we operate more efficiently and effectively".

"We would like to thank Warwickshire for their decision and trust in selecting Vubis Smart," said Steve Barker, General Manager of UK Libraries Division. "Their selection continues the growing number of libraries around the world who are moving to Vubis Smart and providing services to their customers that our new generation product enables. We look forward to working with Warwickshire over the coming months as we work through the project to implement Vubis Smart, undertake training of all their staff across the county and migrate their data."

Warwickshire Library & Information Service serves over half a million residents via 32 libraries and 5 mobiles. Customers can borrow books, hire DVDs, Videos, CDs and talking books, use computers for free and have access to a wide range of resources for information and learning.

Vubis Smart is a comprehensive information management system that enables libraries, archives and museums to organise and present data from any source and in any format. The system incorporates convenient workflows and easy-to-use administrative tools. Staff can define multiple formats, databases, indexes, search methods and more. Distinctive rules and parameters may be defined to meet the requirements of individual branches and locations. Users can simultaneously search multiple databases, link to subscription resources and customise the Web OPAC for appearance, language and search results. Unique Web OPAC features include ‘Who read this also read these…' and ‘Associative Searching', as well as fuzzy logic, automated new book alerts and customised news feeds (RSS).

About Infor (formerly Geac)

Infor has been at the forefront of library technology for three decades with a rich history of providing innovatory solutions to this demanding and diverse market. Major customers across the globe have benefited from our experience and knowledge within the market utilising our highly respected range of automation tools and facilities. Infor's library products and services incorporate industry standards compliance alongside leading edge technologies to provide efficient and effective solutions to all our customers.

Summary: Infor and its UK Libraries Division are pleased to welcome Warwickshire County Council as the latest UK customer for Infor’s Vubis Smart library and information management system.
Publication Year:2006
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:September 28, 2006
Publisher:Infor Library and Information Solutions
Company: Infor Library and Information Solutions
Products: Vubis Smart
Libraries: Warwickshire County Council

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