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Press Release: RMG Consultants, Inc. [November 16, 2010]

RMG's 2011 Presidents' Seminar: Reformation of the Library Automation Industry - Software as a Service (SaaS) Disrupts Traditional ILS Pricing Models

RMG Consultants, Inc., 16 November 2010, Chicago. "Reformation of the Library Automation Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS) Disrupts Traditional ILS Pricing Models" is the topic of RMG's 21st Annual Presidents' Seminar: The View from the Top

Friday January 7, 2011, 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
ALA Midwinter Conference, San Diego
San Diego Convention Center - Room 08

Panelists, and participants including ILS company presidents and key industry players -- to be announced in December

The topic of last year's RMG Annual Presidents' Seminar at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Boston was "Forces of Change Sweep Across the Library Automation Landscape: Business and Technology Partnerships, Foundation and Government Funding, Non-profits versus For-profits."

Discussions among panelists and the audience addressed many of the movements that are now playing out as the Reformation of the Library Automation Industry, driven by Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • The ubiquitous delivery to libraries over the Internet of information and services on a subscription basis: e.g.,
    • E-content: e-databases, e-journals, e-books, e-libraries
    • Enriched catalog content
    • Discovery Services (DS)
    • Integrated Library Systems as a service (ILSaaS)
  • The growing and now commonplace acceptance by libraries of ILSaaS
  • Across-the-board lowering of libraries' one-time and recurring costs for implementation and operation of ILSs provided as ILSaaS
  • The promotion of the concept and term "Web-Scale Services" by
    • Serials Solutions for Summon (Web-Scale Discovery Service)
    • OCLC for WMS (Web-scale Management Services)
  • The disaffection of some ILS customers with their proprietary vendors and dissatisfaction with their legacy systems
  • The introduction and growth and now commercialism of Open Source Library Systems (OSLSs)
    • The success of for-profit companies that support libraries' implementation and use of OSLSs, including delivery of ILSaaS
    • Initiatives by non-profit library consortia, systems, and service organizations to provide OSLSs to libraries
  • Grant funds available to libraries for development and adaptation of OSLSs
  • The revival of ILS developments by large public libraries:
    • The development of an ILS (based on Virtua from VTLS) and related business initiative by Queens Library
    • The adaptation of an OSLS (Evergreen) for large public libraries by King County Library System and its partners
    • Columbus Metro's re-investment in its long-ago custom-built Discovery Place ILS
  • The introduction of OCLC's Web-scale Management Services (WMS), with disruptive ILS industry pricing marketed as game-changing low.

RMG's 2011 Presidents' Seminar will address expectations for:

  • Significant perhaps explosive growth in delivery of ILS as a service (ILSaaS) on a subscription basis
    • With lower vendor-related TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) components: e.g., in 5-year totals of one-time and recurring maintenance costs
    • With reduced library-related TCO components: e.g., lower HR requirements and ILS expertise than on-premise systems; vendor takes responsibility for ILS server infrastructure
  • Downplay of differences in vendor prices between Open Source and Proprietary ILSs delivered as services
  • The reaffirmation of functionality, cost (vendor pricing and library TCO), and vendor qualifications as primary criteria for selecting an ILSaaS solution
  • Increasing competition within the ILS industry among for-profits and non-profits
  • Increasing incentives for vendors to re-tool or replace older systems constrained by legacy architectures, and to move to Web-Scale platforms
  • A surge perhaps a break-out wave -- of libraries' pent-up replacements of superseded legacy systems
    • Variously, in conjunction with other Web-based basic services: e.g., for cataloging, Discovery, and resource-sharing
    • Including the replacement of lower-cost microcomputer-based systems with ILSaaS
  • The de-emphasis of individual libraries' implementations of OSLSs on their own, without outside assistance and support.

Some questions and topics for Panelists:

  • Is ILSaaS a threat or opportunity for your company?
  • Will your ILS company adapt to an SaaS business model? What changes will be required? How and when?
  • Will your contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for ILSaaS include response-time and other performance warranties?
  • Do you host your ILSaaS platform or use a cloud service to provide infrastructure? Why?
  • Will you move to a Web-Scale architecture and platform in order to offer ILSaaS?

Registration for the seminar is not required.

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RMG Consultants is an information technology consulting firm specializing in team-based IT procurements (designed as enterprise learning processes) and IT Strategic Planning for libraries and Higher Education institutions.

Summary: "Reformation of the Library Automation Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS) Disrupts Traditional ILS Pricing Models" is the topic of RMG's 21st Annual Presidents' Seminar: The View from the Top
Publication Year:2010
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:November 16, 2010
Publisher:RMG Consultants, Inc.
Company: RMG Consultants, Inc.

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