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Press Release: PTFS [May 10, 2010]

LibLime, a Division of PTFS Announces Harley, a New Stable Release of Koha Available for Immediate Download

LibLime has made available a tested, stable release of Koha for immediate download at LibLime assembled Harley to provide many of the features developed by PTFS over the last 12 months into one stable and tested release that can be used immediately by libraries world-wide.

PTFS acquired LibLime in mid-March, 2010 and has been transitioning the LibLime business into its existing PTFS library systems and services organization, all of which will operate under the LibLime brand going forward. While LibLime will be focused for the foreseeable future completing transition tasks to accomplish its contractual obligations, LibLime is committed to open source software, and wanted to make a significant contribution of code made available to the general public in the earliest reasonable timeframe. Harley provides this code as a tested, stable release of Koha that is ready for installation. Harley is the first offering provided by LibLime since the acquisition, less than 60 days ago. LibLime plans to continue to make significant new Koha functionality available to libraries around the world. Enhanced software development resources and the adoption of agile software development processes will allow LibLime to develop significantly more Koha software in the coming year faster and more reliably than was previously possible.

This release includes all functionality in Koha as of October 2009, plus many new features not yet available. Harley is compatible with both 3.0x and upcoming 3.2 versions. The code for the individual new features included in this version has also been made available for download from the GIT repository. The features in this release were not ready for 3.2, but, pending acceptance by the 3.4 Koha Release Manager, could be included in release 3.4. The software development effort for Harley has been sponsored by both PTFS as well as multiple library customers.

Harley provides a host of new Koha features to include:

  • New Granular Permissions
  • Multiple Selections in Report Wizards
  • Back Button in Report Creation
  • Patron and Holds Management
  • Patron Batch Edit and Batch Delete
  • Patron Improved Searching
  • Patron Hyphenated Name Searching
  • Lost Card Tracking
  • Override Max Fines
  • Track Borrower Changes
  • Borrower History Retention
  • Limit On-Shelf Holds
  • Maximum Fines, Maximum Holds, and Editing of Circulation Rules
  • Predefined Borrower Notes
  • Expired / Cancelled Holds Report and Setting Expiration Dates
  • Display of Hold Expiration Date
  • Allow Multiple Holds on Items for One Title
  • Suspend and Reactivate Holds
  • Hold Display Rules
  • Place Hold Option on Checkout Tab
  • Hold Policies by Patron Category
  • Fees for Holds
  • Turn off Various Hold Trigger Buttons if Desired
  • Block OPAC Renewals for Excessive Fines
  • Copy Patron Record
  • Display Patron Middle Initial
  • Prompt to Save Patron Edits
  • Lost, Claims Returned Display on Patron Record
  • Partial Fine Payment
  • Billing Notice and Debt Collection
  • Calculate Fines on Claims Returned Items
  • Pre-Defined Fee Types
  • List Fines by Type on Checkout Tab
  • Block Payment of Outstanding Fines
General Circulation
  • Block Checkout of Items on Hold
  • Backdate Due Dates
  • Change Checkin Date
  • Print Option for Hold and Overdue Notices
  • Item Type Trigger for Hold Notices
  • Renewal Source
  • Fast Adds at Circulation
  • Check In Damaged
  • Clear Borrower Record After Checkout
  • Turn Off Returns Column in Patron Record Display
  • /ul>
  • Batch Item Edit
  • Other Item Statuses
  • Adding Additional Items Copies Item Data
  • In Processing/Shelving Cart
  • Save Import Profiles
  • /ul>
  • Bestseller's Club and Email Notifications
  • OPAC Inactivity Timeout
  • Clear Reading History
  • OPAC "Did You Mean" Feature
  • Turn Off My Messaging Tab in OPAC
  • OPAC and Staff Advanced Search Changes
  • Sorting of Item Holdings in Staff and OPAC
  • Rename OPAC Cart Feature as Desired
  • Set Off Shelving Location in OPAC display
  • Turn Off Place Holds Link at Top of OPAC Results List
  • Allow OPAC and Staff to Use Different Settings for Advanced Search
  • Display 866 Summary Holdings Note in OPAC Main Detail Section
  • Control Display of ISBD Tab in OPAC
  • Search by Shelving Location
Web-Based Self-Check System
  • Automated Staff Login

The LibLime – PTFS Harley release can be found at Release documentation, installation notes and a FAQ list are found at

About LibLime, a division of PTFS

LibLime is the global leader in open-source solutions for libraries. Rather than sell software licenses for static, hard-to-customize software products, The PTFS LibLime Division educates libraries about the benefits of open source, enabling them to make choices about how best to provide their communities and staff with better technology services. The PTFS LibLime Division then facilitates deployment of Koha in libraries by providing outstanding consulting, development, implementation, and support/hosting for libraries of all types and sizes. PTFS is also the developer of the world’s leading content management software, ArchivalWare, and specializes in meeting library personnel staffing requirements, digitization, and metadata keying services. For more information, see or or

Summary: LibLime has made available a tested, stable release of Koha for immediate download at LibLime assembled Harley to provide many of the features developed by PTFS over the last 12 months into one stable and tested release that can be used immediately by libraries world-wide.
Publication Year:2010
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:May 10, 2010
Company: PTFS
Products: Koha

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