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Press Release: Lucidea [January 15, 2010]

SydneyPLUS releases Expertise Manager 2.0

ancouver, Canada - January 15, 2010) SydneyPLUS International, one of North America's consistently innovative km solution developers, has just released the 2.0 version of its Expertise Management System.

Invaluable to a firm's bottom line, the Expertise Management System addresses the strong demand within any organization, to know who the best person for a particular job or client case is. In the past, this was left to an informal process such as the judgment call of a manager or director. This was made even more difficult within larger organizations with their many offices, divisions, languages, and time zones to contend with.

The social networking 2.0 version of the SydneyPLUS Expertise Management System makes the job of finding the right person easier than ever, while ensuring sensitive information remains private to the firm. The system can easily match personnel's skills and abilities with critical tasks, maximizing the potential of these valuable resources. The systems features such capabilities as:

  • Ability to extend, store and track any and all staff profile information needed by firm
  • Ensuring staff profiles are always current by extending self-updating capabilities directly to staff
  • Providing global profile management security controls that ensure staff only update their own profiles

Now firms can match and leverage any type of skill or experience tracked to any need a firm may have. Whether it be staff that have specific language skills, staff that have a similar hobby to a favorite client or staff that have familiarity with certain obscure government regulations, if the information is profiled, the match can be made.

The new 2.0 capabilities of the SydneyPLUS Expertise Management module are provided to clients at no cost, as part of SydneyPLUS's ongoing commitment to developing the Information Manager platform for its clients. Clients can arrange a demonstration with their Account Representative, or contact for more information.

About SydneyPLUS International

As a leading developer of Knowledge Management solutions since 1977, SydneyPLUS has partnered with some of the world's leading businesses - including Fortune 1000 companies and law firms - to provide increased financial and organizational returns through improved access to information. Whether the goal is to manage a single database of experts within a pharmaceutical company, the digitized special effects collection of a film production company, or all the corporate libraries within a multinational law firm, any organization will achieve increased benefits from more efficient access to their high-value knowledge assets, while enhancing revenues, dramatically increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. SydneyPLUS International is available online at

Summary: SydneyPLUS International, one of North America's consistently innovative km solution developers, has just released the 2.0 version of its Expertise Management System.
Publication Year:2010
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:January 15, 2010
Company: Lucidea
Products: SydneyPLUS Expertise Management
Subject: Product announcements

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