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Press Release: Lucidea [July 24, 2009]

SydneyPLUS releases the Recovery Manager for law firms

(Vancouver, Canada Ė July 24, 2009) SydneyPLUS International, a recognized provider of KM products to fortune 1000 companies, is pleased to announce the release of the Recovery Manager: Designed for law firms, this economic business solution maximizes cost recovery and boosts a firmís bottom line.

Effective cost recovery can make an invaluable contribution to a firmís revenue stream. However, between different usage statistics, arcane vendor billing schemes and incomplete staff reporting, cost recovery is known to be an arduous task with unpredictable results. How can cost recovery administrators be sure they have recovered all the costs?

The Recovery Manager captures and recovers all research costs to maximize revenue; this module combines a powerful set of features that validates, tracks and reports on all online resource usage and downloads in a simple to use web plug-in. It works on LexisNexis, Westlaw and other online services - even free web resources.

Simple to implement, this web based portal leverages a firmís current investment in SydneyPLUS at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. With Recovery Manager, users can:

  • Recover 100% of research costs by tracking all resources whether billable or free.
  • Benefit from rapid deployment to staff via a simple to use web browser plug-in.
  • Accelerate research and improve staff workflow to ensure adoption.
  • Define and control access to authorized websites and document types.
  • Report on searches and sort by any time period and access point - Client matter, Resource type, Cost rates.
  • Empower with metrics to negotiate better contract renewals and improve purchasing decisions.
  • Eliminate upfront expenses by leveraging already owned SydneyPLUS IM technology

"Part of the SydneyPLUS family, it jettisons unnecessary hardware and software investments - youíre up in minutes working with a team you already know." Swarnjit Sambhi Ė Helpdesk Manager.

For further information, contact SydneyPLUS at 604 278 6717 or email with your questions.

About SydneyPLUS International

As a leading developer of Knowledge Management solutions since 1977, SydneyPLUS has partnered with some of the worldís leading businesses ó including Fortune 1000 companies and law firms ó to provide increased financial and organizational returns through improved access to information.

Whether the goal is to manage a single database of experts within a pharmaceutical company, the digitized special effects collection of a film production company, or all the corporate libraries within a multinational law firm, any organization will achieve increased benefits from more efficient access to their high-value knowledge assets, while enhancing revenues, dramatically increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. SydneyPLUS International is available online at

Summary: SydneyPLUS International announced the release of the Recovery Manager: Designed for law firms, this economic business solution maximizes cost recovery and boosts a firmís bottom line.
Publication Year:2009
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:July 24, 2009
Company: Lucidea
Products: Recovery Manager
Subject: Product announcements

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