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Press Release: Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems [October 02, 2006]

Fargo Public Library opens new branch with Bibliotheca RFID

The Fargo Public Library system in Fargo, North Dakota, held their grand opening of the new Northport Branch on July 13 with Bibliotheca's RFID Library System fully implemented. Charles Pace, the Director, said, "Our goal in selecting Bibliotheca's RFID Library System was to provide both our staff and the patrons with a system that was reliable and easy to operate. That has proven to be the case with Bibliotheca."

The new branch also opened with their first Patron Self Check-out system, the Bibliotheca Geneva, table top system which incorporates Media PAK software. Media PAK counts all of the pieces of the AV media before it checks out to assure a complete package to the patron. "AV materials," Emmett Erwin, President of Bibliotheca states, "has always been among the most difficult items for a library to circulate." Bibliotheca has developed the "CD/DVD RFID Secure Tag," which is directly affixed to the CD/DVD's, eliminating the need and expense of plastic lock boxes and the increase labor cost and storage issues that accompany them. Security of AV items is greatly improved without lock boxes that hinder the patron experience, while performing self check out.

"One of the critical components in our RFID decision process," said Charles Pace, "was the reliability and performance of the vendor. The references we received from Bibliotheca's customers were all very positive, especially concerning their people: very professional and friendly. The installation was performed on time, and any support that we have requested has been prompt. We will be installing Bibliotheca in our new South branch in late 2007 and at our Main library when it opens in 2008."

Please feel free to contact us for information on Bibliotheca's BiblioChip RFID system or to arrange an on-site demonstration on the BiblioBus! Contact us at or call toll free 1-8777-BIBLIO.

About Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems

Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG, headquartered in Cham/Switzerland, is Europe's leading RFID Library System provider. The company is specialized in designing, producing and marketing of RFID systems, hard- and software for library automation and media security. More than 100 major public and university libraries worldwide successfully use the BiblioChip RFID System. Sales offices are located in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Canada and the USA.

Summary: The Fargo Public Library system in Fargo, North Dakota, held their grand opening of the new Northport Branch with Bibliotheca''s RFID Library System fully implemented.
Publication Year:2006
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:October 02, 2006
Publisher:Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems
Company: Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems
Libraries: Fargo Public Library
Subject: RFID technology

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