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Press Release: Lucidea [August 30, 2004]

SydneyPLUS announces Z39.50 search and retrieval capabilities

(Vancouver, BC - 30 August 2004) SydneyPLUS International is pleased to announce the inclusion of imbedded Z39.50 search and retrieval capabilities into its knowledge management and library automation software. Z39.50 is an international standard developed to facilitate the searching and transmitting of records between lending institutions, and its integration into SydneyPLUS translates into reduced costs and improved operational efficiency for clients.

"This is a capability that I have personally wanted to see in our software for years," shares Ron Aspé, President of SydneyPLUS, "and with the introduction of SydneyPLUS for MS-SQL/Oracle, it's now possible to beautifully and elegantly integrate this exciting technology into our software. Our new Z39.50 search interface allows our clients to expand the resources available to their end users, improve search results and increase the quality of their records," continues Aspé, "while simultaneously reducing the workload of staff."

This user-friendly search interface is integrated into SydneyPLUS for MS-SQL & Oracle, so there is no need to switch between programs in order to retrieve external records. Further to this, staff can simultaneously search multiple sources for high-quality MARC records. When records of interest are located, these can be easily saved to a local MARC file for later use, or converted to SydneyPLUS catalog records. Copy cataloging rather than original cataloging means that there is no need to enter information manually, resulting in considerable timesavings and better use of staff resources.

Use of the Z39.50 Client also increases the value of a collection, as it adds to the number of quality records held in a catalog. And because quality records increase the relevancy of each search, end users are happy because their searches are more effective.

As with all of the SydneyPLUS for MS-SQL & Oracle software, the Z39.50 Client provides flexibility of use. Users have the option of maintaining separate MARC maps for different sites, can pick and choose what information is added to the database, as well as where this information will appear on the SydneyPLUS templates.

A guided tour of the Z39.50 search interface is available for viewing at

About SydneyPLUS

The Z39.50 Client is a free addition to the SydneyPLUS MARC Record Interface (MRI), one of 11 modules available with the SydneyPLUS for MS-SQL & Oracle system. This system empowers business people-without calling on programmer or developer resources-to design, create, deploy, and modify for their organizations knowledge management tools that are deliverable over corporate intranets and the Internet, and which are consistent with company data standards. The system was developed in response to client requests for a flexible and agile approach to knowledge management. It is this dedication to our clients that has enabled SydneyPLUS, for over 20 years, to work with Global Fortune 100 and leading professional services firms around the world to successfully organize their business intelligence needs.

Summary: SydneyPLUS International is pleased to announce the inclusion of imbedded Z39.50 search and retrieval capabilities into its knowledge management and library automation software.
Publication Year:2004
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:August 30, 2004
Place of Publication:Richmond, BC
Company: Lucidea
Products: SydneyPLUS
Subject: Product announcements

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