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Press Release: SIRSI Corporation [June 23, 2003]

Sirsi Voice Automation Solution released

Toronto June 23, 2003 Sirsi Corporation, the leader in new-name sales of technology for libraries around the world*, announced today that the new Sirsi Voice Automation (SVA) solution is now available for the 2003 version of the Unicorn Library Management System and version 2.5-2 of the DRA Classic system. "SVA is a convenient, automatic way for libraries to contact users without spending inordinate staff time or budgeting for large postage costs," said Berit Nelson, Sirsi's vice president of product management. "Using SVA and local telephone technology, library users can call in to review personalized account information, renew items, and check library notices, while library personnel can set an automatic schedule to call out to notify library users of past due materials, holds, and special events." Unicorn 2003, the latest version of Sirsi's evolutionary, modular integrated library system, will be available June 30. Sirsi made this announcement at the ALA/CLA annual conference in Toronto on Saturday, June 21, 2003.

SVA's outbound notification reduces the time that staff members spend calling users, as well as the time and money spent preparing, stuffing, and mailing out materials. Libraries can choose an automated voice or recorded human voice with SVA. The SVA module also provides detailed usage statistics, for example tracking the number of notices generated, number of failed calls, and number of items renewed via SVA.

The inbound calling capabilities for SVA ensure convenient, 24/7 access to the library for renewing materials, reviewing account information, and hearing the latest news from the library. Use of a PIN ensures the privacy of library users' personal information. After entering a PIN on the telephone pad, the user may choose from menu options set by library staff.

"SVA is an advanced solution supporting both inbound and outbound capabilities. It can help libraries conserve valuable time, money, and human resources," said Nelson. "Plus, it works in tandem with Unicorn and DRA Classic systems, allowing for seamless integration of technologies that are important for our customers in serving their users and communities."

About Sirsi

Sirsi ( recognizes that today's librarians are on a mission to break down walls-barriers that limit the knowledge and resources accessible to library users. A partner with leading libraries around the globe since 1979, Sirsi provides software and services that assist libraries in breaking down walls, thereby promoting learning, empowerment, and opportunity for diverse user communities. Sirsi's portfolio of products and services includes the iBistro and iLink e-Library solutions, the Unicorn Library Management System, the Hyperion Digital Media Archive, Sirsi Rooms Context Management Solutions, and a full slate of services.

Summary: Sirsi Corporation announced that the new Sirsi Voice Automation solution is available for the 2003 version of the Unicorn Library Management System and version 2.5-2 of the DRA Classic system.
Publication Year:2003
Type of Material:Press Release
Date Issued:June 23, 2003
Publisher:SIRSI Corporation
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Company: SIRSI Corporation
Products: Unicorn
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