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June 22, 2017

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix will be attending the ALA Annual in Chicago. This year the BLUEcloud team is pleased to premiere the Power of Libraries message from SirsiDynix. Located at booth 5016, the SirsiDynix team will be sharing free “I Believe in The Power of Libraries” buttons, which are also available through the new Power of Libraries store.

January 20, 2017

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced a new development partnership with SOLUS UK Ltd. Founded in Glasgow, Scotland only eleven years ago, SOLUS has already made their mark in the industry as the creators of powerful library applications. In their new partnership, SirsiDynix and SOLUS will be working together to advance the development of BLUEcloud Mobile, the new SirsiDynix mobile, patron discovery application that will build upon and enhance BookMyne+. The partnership will enable SirsiDynix to deliver a functionally rich app and provide the most value possible to libraries and library users.

January 19, 2017

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the GA release of BLUEcloud Circulation. This powerful, new web-based circulation solution provides easy management features for administrative staff while taking full advantage of the BLUEcloud library services platform and the flexibility of the Symphony and Horizon policies. Most importantly, BLUEcloud Circulation joins the family of BLUEcloud products that SirsiDynix libraries receive as part of their current maintenance. BLUEcloud Circulation will be generally available with the 2017.01 release of BLUEcloud, planned for early February, 2017.

January 18, 2017

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the GA release of BLUEcloud eRM, the SirsiDynix electronic resource management solution. BLUEcloud eRM is the premier solution to managing the lifecycle of electronic resources, from trial and acquisition to licensing and implementation. BLUEcloud eRM is available to libraries through SirsiDynix’s SaaS hosted environment as an add-on service.Electronic content continues to grow in popularity among all types of libraries. BLUEcloud eRM supports the modern need for libraries to supply, track, and support electronic content. Building on the open-source electronic resource management system CORAL, BLUEcloud eRM streamlines staff workflows, tracks contractual terms, and captures COUNTER statistics from disparate vendors for analysis. SirsiDynix’s SaaS hosting provides supplemental support for BLUEcloud libraries by alleviating in-house need to maintain infrastructure.

December 21, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced the selection of the BLUEcloud Campus Library Services Platform by three UK universities in partnership. Canterbury Christ Church University, the University of Greenwich and the University of Kent will share a Unified Library Management System (ULMS) that will improve the student experience and support collaborative working. Following a vigorous joint selection process, the partners have chosen SirsiDynix to realise their shared ULMS vision that will support effective, efficient and sustainable student-centred services.

November 17, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced that more than 2,000 customers have chosen SaaS to host their data and SirsiDynix software. SirsiDynix SaaS is a service that relieves libraries from the task of maintaining a local server while providing flexible and dependable service along with rigorous security measures. Local IT departments and the global library community in general are increasingly mandating secure and reliable hosting.

(SirsiDynix) ITC Systems and SirsiDynix are partnering to deliver cash-based and cashless payment solutions centered around the need in Libraries to provide self-serve pay for copies and prints or fines and fees.

November 15, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced that the first six adopters of a national Welsh library system have gone live on Symphony. In autumn of 2015, the Welsh Government announced a major step forward in their momentous project to unite the country on a single library system. Following a competitive tender process, the Welsh Government chose SirsiDynix to support its public library services. Recently, the first six local authorities in North Wales completed the implementation of the shared SaaS-supported system and are now live. The launch of the Wales system highlights the increasing momentum SirsiDynix is experiencing in the UK.

November 1, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix is pleased to welcome the South West Consortium to the family of BLUEcloud libraries. The South West Consortium is a new partnership of 11 Western Australia local governments, creating a “one card” library system for its participating libraries. The consortium is the first of its kind in Western Australia; prior to this merger all local governments operated independently and each would individually negotiate the supply of a library management system. As part of their unification, the South West Consortium selected SirsiDynix Symphony to support their large public system. The Consortium opted to supplement their ILS with a number of BLUEcloud products including, BLUEcloud Analytics, eResource Central, BLUEcloud Visibility, Enterprise, Portfolio and MobileCirc.

October 25, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced the alpha release of BLUEcloud Acquisitions. BLUEcloud Acquisitions is the SirsiDynix solution that revolutionizes the collection development and acquisitions process. SirsiDynix released the BLUEcloud Acquisitions alpha release to development partner SAPLN, the South Australian Public Library Network. SAPLN has been closely involved in the development of BLUEcloud Acquisitions since its inception.

October 11, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix welcome Santa Clara County Library District back to the family of Horizon libraries. Formerly a long-time Horizon library, SCCLD, is returning to Horizon after a 1 year interim adoption of another ILS. In addition to returning to their former ILS, the California public library system plans to adopt a number of SirsiDynix solutions, including BLUEcloud Analytics, eResource Central, MobileCirc, and BLUEcloud Visibility.

September 26, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix announced the release of Horizon 7.5.4. The latest Horizon update provides new, powerful capabilities to a long-standing, dependable solution, helping Horizon libraries provide the Best Library User Experience for both library staff and end users. SirsiDynix is dedicated to providing libraries with progressive and continually-advancing solutions.

September 12, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the go-live of the Odilo connector for eResource Central. This new connector makes more than one million Odilo titles available to subscribing libraries and their patrons. The addition of the Odilo platform contributes a considerable expansion of the content and options available to BLUEcloud libraries via eResource Central and stands as a further realization of the SirsiDynix best-of-breed mission to make the most and best resources available to libraries.

September 7, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix and Relais International announced a partnership to deliver automated and streamlined ILL solutions to BLUEcloud libraries. This partnership marks another step forward in the SirsiDynix mission to connect libraries with best-of-breed resources. Through this new partnership, SirsiDynix BLUEcloud libraries will have access to best-of-breed ILL solutions powered by Relais.

September 6, 2016

(SirsiDynix) SirsiDynix reported continued growth in the second quarter of 2016. The multi-year trend of robust SirsiDynix growth continues through the spring by the addition of more than 40 libraries and consistent BLUEcloud product adoption. The growth in BLUEcloud adoptions is another important step forward in the SirsiDynix mission to bring the Best Library User Experience to libraries worldwide and to push the industry toward more intuitive, state-of-the-art technology.

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