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SAGE Publications: mergers and acquisitions

SAGE corporate profile SAGE Publications founded by Sara McCune in 1965 1990: SAGE Publications launches Corwin 1992: SAGE Publications launches Pine Forge Press 1995: SAGE Publications establishes Scolari software division 1998: SAGE Publications acquires Paul Chapman Publishing Sep 2001: SAGE Publications acquires Technomic Jun 2006: SAGE Publications acquires Hodder Arnold Journals May 2008: SAGE Publications acquires CQ Press May 2008: SAGE Publications acquires CQ Press 1945: Nelson Poynter founds Congressional Quarterly Oct 2012: SAGE Publications acquires Adam Matthew Jul 2014: SAGE Publications acquires Vathek Publishing Vathek Publishing, incorporated in the Isle of Man in 2000 by Lilli Waterford Aug 2014: SAGE acquires Symposium Journals Dec 2014: SAGE Publications acquires Baywood Publishing Company Feb 2015: SAGE acquires The Goodwin Group International May 2015: SAGE Publications acquires Pion Limited 1959: Pion Limited founded by Adam Gelbtuch and John Ashby May 2015: SAGE Publishing acquires portfolio of IP Publishing 1990: IP Publishing Ltd established by John Edmondson Apr 2018: SAGE Publishing acquires software and services developer GVPi 1988: Global Village Publishing founded Aug 2018: SAGE Publishing acquires Talis Group Ltd Talis Education Limited pofile Mar 2011: Talis divests LMS busines to Capita Group Apr 1999: BLCMP becomes Talis Information Ltd. 1969: Birmingham Libraries Co-operative Mechanisation Project (BLCMP) established as a cooperative library organization Sep 2018: SAGE Publishing acquires Lean Library Nov 2016: Johan Tilstra and Jan Thij Bakker found Lean Library Jul 2022: SAGE Publishing acquires Sciwheel May 2015: F1000 launches F1000Workspace, later renamed as Sciwheel