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DEMCO and Wall Family Enterprise: mergers and acquisitions

DEMCO corporate profile Wall Family Enterprise: owner of DEMCO and WF Education Group Boopsie founded by Greg Carpenter and Tim Kay Demco acquires Boopsie Demco acquires Evanced Solutions Evanced Solutions founded by Todd Cutler and Rob Cullin Maudesport founded MaudeSport joins Wall Family Enterprise Timstar Laboratory Suppliers founded by Tim Wilton-Morgan Demco Europe acquires Timstar Laboratory Suppliers Technology Supplies Limited founded by Michael Roberts and Roger Weeks Wall Family Enterprise acquires Technology Supplies Limited DEMCO acquires Highsmith from Grainger Inc. Hugh Purcell Highsmith founds The Highsmith Co., Inc. Upstart  founded Highsmith, Inc acquires Upstart brand from Freline, Inc and its Corruboard line of corrugated storage products Social Studies School Service acquired MindSparks Teacher Created Resources acquired Edupress from Highsmith in June 2015 Wall Family Enterprise acquires of Hatch Early Learning Hatch Early Learning Gaylord Bros Founded DEMCO Acquires Gaylord Bros. from Croydon Company Wall Family Enterprise acquires Don Gresswell Company, Ltd Don Gresswell Company established in 1938 DEMCO acqires 75 percent equity of Library Furnishing Consultants DEMCO is established as a division of the Democrat Printing Co.