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2007 Library Technology Guides Automation Trend Survey

All libraries are invited to participate in a survey that Marshall Breeding, the creator of Library Technology Guides, is conducting that requests information regarding library automation products and companies. The survey consists of 11 questions that ask you to provide responses about your satisfaction with the library automation system currently in place in your library, your opinion regarding the company that provides these products and any general ideas that you may have for your next library automation system.

Your participation in this survey will be used in a statistical study to measure the perceptions of performance and satisfaction that libraries have about the library automation systems that they currently use and the companies that support them.

Here are the steps to complete the survey form:

I strongly encourage libraries to respond to this survey. The results of the survey will be of interest to any library that may be in the position of selecting a new automation system. Individual responses will not be made public in any way. Only the aggregate results will be published.

The survey also allows libraries to provide any comments regarding any particularly positive or negative experiences your library hase had with its library automation system or the company that supports it.

If your library is not represented in the lib-web-cats directory, you can create a new entry for it. If you see any errors or incomplete information in an existing entry, you can either update the entry or notify me of the changes that need to be made.

I appreciate your assistance with this survey.

- Marshall Breeding Director for Innovative Technology and Research, Vanderbilt University Libraries
Editor, Library Technology Guides
Columnist, Computers in Libraries
Contributing Editor, Smart Libraries Newsletter