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Library Technology Newsletter

Library Technology Newsletter provides in-depth coverage of current developments related to the strategic technology products used by libraries and the organizations that develop and support them.

Library Technology Newsletter is an original publication of Library Technology Guides. Library Technology Newsletter is edited and authored by Marshall Breeding. This publication is supported through Voluntary Subscription Fees.

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Library Technology Newsletter aims to offer authoritative coverage of the vendors, products, and key people related to the technologies used by libraries. It covers core technology systems including integrated library systems, library services platforms, discovery services, inventory management hardware and software, and related products. The scope is intentionally imprecise. New product genres and innovations will be covered as they arise. The newsletter will help readers understand important business and technology trends in play in the library technology industry.

Each issue includes in-depth features covering one or two of the major events of the preceding month, providing details, historic context, and perspective. Additional events will be covered in brief articles that provide basic coverage, with details and context beyond that mentioned in press announcements or other vendor communications. An editorial column, titled Guidepost, authored by Marshall Breeding introduces the events and topics covered in each issue and provides relevant perspective, opinion, and context.