A directory of libraries throughout the world

Alvdal, Norway. Alvdal bibliotek ( Alvdal, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Andebu, Norway. ( Andebu, Norway) [Mikromarc] +

Askvoll, Norway. Askvoll bibliotek ( Askvoll, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Aukra, Norway. Aukra Folkebibliotek ( Aukra, Norway) [Mikromarc] +

Aurland, Norway. Aurland folkebibliotek ( Aurland, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Averøy, Norway. Averøy folkebibliotek ( Averøy, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Balestrand, Norway. Balestrand folkebibliotek ( Balestrand, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Bardu, Norway. Bardu folkebibliotek ( Bardu, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Bardufoss, Norway. Målselv bibliotek ( Bardufoss, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Batnfjordsøra, Norway. Gjemnes folkebibliotek ( Batnfjordsøra, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Bjarkøy, Norway. Bjarkøy bibliotek ( Bjarkøy, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Bjugn, Norway. Bjugn folkebibliotek ( Bjugn, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Bogen, Norway. Evenes folkebibliotek ( Bogen, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Bollebygd, Sweden. ( Bollebygd, Sweden) [Mikromarc] +

  Bollebygd, Sweden. ( Bollebygd, Sweden) [Mikromarc]

  Bollebygd, Sweden. ( Bollebygd, Sweden) [Mikromarc]

  Bollebygd, Sweden. ( Töllsjö, Sweden) [Mikromarc]

Borkenes, Norway. Kvæfjord bibliotek ( Borkenes, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Borås, Sweden. ( Borås, Sweden) [Mikromarc] +

Boxholm, Sweden. ( Boxholm, Sweden) [Mikromarc] +