A directory of libraries throughout the world

Blakesburg, IA. ( Blakesburg, Iowa United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Bowling Green, MO. ( Bowling Green, Missouri United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Challis, ID. ( Challis, Idaho United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Crescent, OK. ( Crescent, Oklahoma United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Markstay, ON. ( Markstay, Ontario Canada) Display all the libraries participating in: Joint Automation Server Initiative [LibrarySoft]

  Markstay, ON. ( Warren, Ontario Canada) [LibrarySoft]

Middlefield, MA. ( Middlefield, Massachusetts United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Milo, ME. ( Milo, Maine United States) [LibrarySoft]

Moose Pass, AK. ( Moose Pass, Alaska United States) [LibrarySoft] +

New Ipswich, NH. ( New Ipswich, New Hampshire United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Saint Helen, MI. ( Saint Helen, Michigan United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Windham, VT. ( Windham, Vermont United States) [LibrarySoft]

Woodland, MI. ( Woodland, Michigan United States) [LibrarySoft] +

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.