A directory of libraries throughout the world

Asia University. 亞洲大學圖書館 ( Wufeng, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Central Police University. 中央警察大學圖書館 ( Kueishan Hsiang, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Chungyu College of Technology. 崇右技術學院圖書館 ( Keelung, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

CTBC Financial Management College. 中信金融管理學院 圖書館 ( Tainan, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Dahan Institute of Technology. 大漢技術學院圖書館 ( Sincheng, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Fo Guang University. 佛光大學 圖書館 ( Jiaosi, Taiwan) [TOTALS II]

Fooyin University. 輔英科技大學圖書館 ( Ta-liao, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

  Kai Nan College of Management. 開南管理學院圖書館 ( Luzhu Shiang, Taiwan) [TOTALS II]

Kainan University. 開南大學圖書館 ( Taoyuan, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Kao Fong University of Technology. 高鳳技術學院圖書館 ( Pingtung, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology. 龍華科技大學圖書館 ( Guishan, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Nan Kai University of Technology. 南開科技大學圖書館 ( Caotun Township, Nantou County, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Nanhua University. 南華大學圖書館 ( Chia-Yi, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

National Defense University. 國防大學圖書館 ( Taoyuan, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

National Penghu University. 國立澎湖科技大學圖書館 ( Makung city, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

National Taipei University. 國立臺北大學圖書館 ( Taipei, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

National Taitung University. 國立台東大學圖書館 ( Taitung, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. 國立雲林科技大學圖書館 ( Yunlin, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Tainan Woman's College of Arts and Technology. 台南女子技術學院圖書館 ( Tainan, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +

Tung-Fang Institute of Technology. 東方技術學院圖書館 ( Hunei Township, Taiwan) [TOTALS II] +