A directory of libraries throughout the world

Ashesi University. ( Accra, Ghana) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

Chichester, NH. ( Chichester, New Hampshire United States) [Atriuum] +

Cobalt, ON. ( Cobalt, Ontario Canada) Display all the libraries participating in: Joint Automation Server Initiative [Symphony]

Dallas Nursing Institute. ( Dallas, Texas United States) [OPALS]

Embudo Valley, NM. ( Dixon, New Mexico United States) [Atriuum] +

Emmanuel Bible College. ( Kitchener, Ontario Canada) [Populi]

European Public Law Center. ( Athens, Greece) [Virtua] +

Greenfield, NH. ( Greenfield, New Hampshire United States) [Apollo] +

Greenville, NH. ( Greenville, New Hampshire United States) [Koha -- Independent] +

Jackson County, KY. ( Mckee, Kentucky United States) [Atriuum] +

  Judith Basin County, MT. ( Hobson, Montana United States) Display all the libraries participating in: Montana Shared Catalog [Symphony]

Kindred, ND. ( Kindred, North Dakota United States) [Apollo] +

Lincoln College of Technology. ( Cincinnati, Ohio United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

Newton, UT. ( Newton, Utah United States) [Destiny] +

South Algonquin Township, ON. ( Whitney, Ontario Canada) [ResourceMate] +

Willow Springs, MO. ( Willow Springs, Missouri United States) Display all the libraries participating in: Missouri Evergreen Consortium [Evergreen -- Equinox Software]

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.