A directory of libraries throughout the world

Bekkjarvik, Norway. Austevoll folkebibliotek ( Bekkjarvik, Norway) [Tidemann]

Eivindvik, Norway. Gulen folkebibliotek ( Eivindvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Hommelvik, Norway. Malvik folkebibliotek ( Hommelvik, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Kinsarvik, Norway. Ullensvang folkeboksamling Hovudbiblioteket Kinsarvik ( Kinsarvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Kj°psvik, Norway. Tysfjord bibliotek ( Kj°psvik, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Kopervik, Norway. Karm°y folkebibliotek ( Kopervik, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Larvik, Norway. Larvik bibliotek ( Larvik, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Leksvik, Norway. Leksvik folkebibliotek ( Leksvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Mosvik, Norway. Mosvik bibliotek ( Mosvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Narvik, Norway. Narvik bibliotek ( Narvik, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

R°rvik, Norway. Vikna folkebibliotek ( R°rvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Svelvik, Norway. Svelvik folkebibliotek ( Svelvik, Norway) Display all the libraries participating in: Viken County Library [Quria]

Ulsteinvik, Norway. Ulstein bibliotek ( Ulsteinvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Ulvik, Norway. Ulvik folkebibliotek ( Ulvik, Norway) [Mikromarc]

Vik, Norway. Vik folkebibliotek ( Vik, Norway) [Tidemann]

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.