A directory of libraries throughout the world

American University -- Antigua. ( Coolidge, Antigua and Barbuda) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

General Trias Municipality. ( General Trias, Cavite Philippines) Display all the libraries participating in: Public Library Network in the Philippines

Glenstal Abbey. ( Murroe, Ireland) [Koha -- Interleaf Technology] +

Hopewell, NJ. ( Hopewell, New Jersey United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions]

Jamaica Library Service. ( Kingston, Jamaica) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

Langri Tangpa Centre. ( Camp Hill, Queensland Australia) [TinyCat] +

Lewistown Public School, MT. ( Lewistown, Montana United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

Logos Evangelical Seminary. 正道圖書館 ( El Monte, California United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions]

Miami Valley School. ( Dayton, Ohio United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

New Haven Unified School District. ( Union City, California United States) [Destiny] +

South Bay Historical Railroad Society. ( Santa Clara, California United States) [Koha -- ByWater Solutions] +

St Peter's Anglican Primary School. ( Campbelltown, New South Wales Australia) [Oliver] +

Stevens-Henager College. ( Boise, Idaho United States) [TinyCat] +

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.