A directory of libraries throughout the world

Arad, Romania. ( Arad, Romania) [ToREAD] +

  Armor Training Command And Armor School.ROC ARMY. 陸軍裝甲兵訓練指揮部暨裝甲兵學校 ( Hsinchu, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

  Army Academy R.O.C.. 陸軍專科學校圖書館 ( Taoyuan, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

  Army Communication Electronics Information School. 陸軍通信電子資訊學校圖書館 ( Taoyuan, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

  Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) . 中央銀行圖書館 ( Taipei, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

  Changhua Christian Hospital. 彰化基督教醫院 ( Changhua, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

Chest Hospital. 署立台南胸腔醫院 ( Tainan, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

ChienKuo Technology University. 建國科技大學圖書館 ( Changhua City, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +

China Institute of Technology. 中華科技大學圖書館 ( Hengshan Township, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +

  Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research. 中華經濟研究院圖書館 ( Taipei, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

Da-Yeh University. 大葉大學 - 圖書館 ( Changhua, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +

  Fair Trade Commission. 公平交易委員會 ( Taipei, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

  Fong Yuan Hospital. 行政院衛生署豐原醫院 ( Taichung, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

Hsin Sheng Junior College of Medical Care and Management. 新生醫專圖書館 ( Taoyuan, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

Hsinchu County, Taiwan. 竹北市立圖書館-新竹縣文化局圖書館 ( Hsinchu, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +

Hsing Wu University. 醒吾科技大學 图书馆 ( LinKou Township, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +

  International Trade Institute. 外貿協會培訓中心 ( Taipei, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

Kaohsiung Medical University. 高雄醫學大學圖書館 ( Kaohsiung, Taiwan) [ToREAD]

Ling Tung University. 嶺東科技大學圖書館 ( Taichung, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +

MOE. 國立公共資訊圖書館 ( Taichung City, Taiwan) [ToREAD] +