A directory of libraries throughout the world

Aksdal, Norway. Tysvær folkebibliotek ( Aksdal, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Andenes, Norway. Andøy folkebibliotek ( Andenes, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Arendal, Norway. Arendal bibliotek ( Arendal, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Asker, Norway. Asker bibliotek ( Asker, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Bagn, Norway. Sør-Aurdal folkebibliotek ( Bagn, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Ballangen, Norway. Ballangen folkebibliotek ( Ballangen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Bergen, Norway. Bergen offentlige bibliotek ( Bergen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

  Bergen, Norway. Bergen offentlige bibliotek Musikkavdelingen ( Bergen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

  Bergen, Norway. Hordaland fylkesbibliotek ( Bergen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Bjørkelangen, Norway. Aurskog-Høland bibliotek ( Bjørkelangen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Bodø, Norway. Bodø bibliotek ( Bodø, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Bokn, Norway. Bokn folkebibliotek ( Bokn, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Bremnes, Norway. Bømlo folkebibliotek ( Bremnes, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Brumunddal, Norway. Ringsaker bibliotek ( Brumunddal, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Buskerud County, Norway. Buskerud fylkesbibliotek ( Drammen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL] +

Drevsjø, Norway. Engerdal folkebibliotek ( Drevsjø, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Drevsjø, Norway. Engerdal folkebibliotek ( Drevsjø, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Dønna, Norway. Dønna folkebibliotek ( Dønna, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Eikelandsosen, Norway. Fusa folkebibliotek ( Eikelandsosen, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]

Etne, Norway. Etne bibliotek ( Etne, Norway) [BIBLIOFIL]