A directory of libraries throughout the world

Barnsley, UK. ( Barnsley, England United Kingdom) [Alto] +

Bartholomew County, IN. ( Columbus, Indiana United States) [Symphony] +

Bellevue, NE. ( Bellevue, Nebraska United States) [Symphony] +

Beverly Hills High School. ( Beverly Hills, California United States) [Symphony] +

Blackpool, UK. ( Blackpool, England United Kingdom) [Symphony] +

Caldwell, NJ. ( Caldwell, New Jersey United States) Display all the libraries participating in: PALS Plus -- Computer Consortium of Passiac County Libraries [Symphony]

Doncaster, UK. ( Doncaster, United Kingdom) [OpenGalaxy] +

Halton, UK. ( Runcorn, United Kingdom) [Koha -- PTFS Europe] +

Hobbema, AB. ( Hobbema, Alberta Canada) [Symphony] +

Lake Central High School. ( Saint John, Indiana United States) [Symphony] +

Millsap Independent School District. ( Millsap, Texas United States) Display all the libraries participating in: Parker County Library Association [Polaris]

Milo, AB. ( Milo, Alberta Canada) Display all the libraries participating in: Chinook Arch Regional Library [Symphony]

Monterey County, CA. ( Marina, California United States) [Polaris] +

North Bay, ON. ( North Bay, Ontario Canada) [Evergreen -- Equinox Software] +

Oakwood, OH. ( Oakwood, Ohio United States) [Polaris] +

Okmulgee, OK. ( Okmulgee, Oklahoma United States) [Atriuum]

Open University of Hong Kong. 香港公開大學圖書館 ( Hong Kong, Hong Kong) [ALEPH 500] +

Oswego, IL. ( Oswego, Illinois United States) [Symphony] +

Royal Military College of Canada. ( Kingston, Ontario Canada) [Symphony] +

Schoolcraft College. ( Livonia, Michigan United States) [Symphony] +

Consortia indicates that the library participates in a consortium for its automation system.