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ILS report by Carnegie Classification

Level 15: Doctoral Universities: Very High Research Activity

This resource lists the libraries associated with each of the Carnegie classification categories and the automation systems that they use.

About Carnegie Classification

The Carnegie Classification has been the leading framework for recognizing and describing institutional diversity in U.S. higher education for the past four and a half decades. Starting in 1970, the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education developed a classification of colleges and universities to support its program of research and policy analysis. Derived from empirical data on colleges and universities, the Carnegie Classification was originally published in 1973, and subsequently updated in 1976, 1987, 1994, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2018 to reflect changes among colleges and universities. This framework has been widely used in the study of higher education, both as a way to represent and control for institutional differences, and also in the design of research studies to ensure adequate representation of sampled institutions, students, or faculty.


This page presents the automation systems used by academic libraries in any given Carnegie classification level. A Market Share Analysis Report provides a detailed assessment of the automation systems used by the libraries in each Carnegie Classification level.

Carnegie Level:

see also: Public Library Report

ILS Product
ALEPH 500 University of Notre Dame   1

Alma Arizona State University   Binghamton University   Boston College   Boston University   Brandeis University   Brown University   Carnegie Mellon University   Case Western Reserve University   Clemson University   Colorado State University   Dartmouth College   Drexel University   Duke University   Emory University   Florida International University   Florida State University   George Mason University   George Washington University   Georgetown University   Georgia Institute of Technology   Graduate School and University Center   Harvard University   Iowa State University   Johns Hopkins University   Kansas State University   Massachusetts Institute of Technology   Montana State University -- Bozeman   New Jersey Institute of Technology   New York University   North Carolina State University   Northeastern University   Northwestern University   Ohio State University   Oregon State University   Princeton University   Purdue University   Rice University   Rutgers University   Stony Brook University   Syracuse University   Temple University   Texas Tech University   Tufts University   Tulane University   University at Albany   University at Buffalo   University of Alabama -- Birmingham   University of Arizona   University of Arkansas -- Fayetteville   University of California -- Berkeley   University of California -- Davis   University of California -- Irvine   University of California -- Los Angeles (UCLA)   University of California -- Riverside   University of California -- San Diego   University of California -- Santa Barbara   University of California -- Santa Cruz   University of Central Florida   University of Cincinnati College of Law Library   University of Connecticut   University of Delaware   University of Florida   University of Hawaii -- Manoa   University of Houston   University of Illinois -- Chicago   University of Illinois -- Urbana-Champaign   University of Iowa   University of Kentucky   University of Maryland -- College Park   University of Miami   University of Michigan   University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities   University of Nebraska -- Lincoln   University of Nevada -- Las Vegas   University of Nevada -- Reno   University of New Hampshire   University of Oklahoma   University of Oregon   University of Pennsylvania   University of Pittsburgh   University of Rochester   University of South Carolina   University of South Florida   University of Southern California   University of Southern Mississippi   University of Tennessee -- Knoxville   University of Texas -- Arlington   University of Texas -- Austin   University of Texas -- Dallas   University of Texas -- El Paso   University of Utah   University of Washington   University of Wisconsin -- Madison   University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee   Vanderbilt University   Virginia Commonwealth University   Washington State University   Yale University   98

FOLIO -- EBSCO Information Services California Institute of Technology   Columbia University   Cornell University   Georgia State University   Michigan State University   Oklahoma State University   University of Georgia   University of Massachusetts -- Amherst   University of Missouri -- Columbia   9

FOLIO -- Independent Stanford University   Texas A&M University   2

FOLIO -- Index Data University of Chicago   University of Colorado -- Boulder   2

Sierra University of Cincinnati   University of Colorado -- Denver   University of Mississippi   University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill   University of North Texas   Washington University in St. Louis   Wayne State University   7

Symphony Indiana University   Louisiana State University   Mississippi Library Partnership   Mississippi State University   Pennsylvania State University   University of Virginia   6

Voyager Auburn University   University of Alabama   University of Kansas   3

WorldShare Management Services Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute   University of Louisville   University of New Mexico   West Virginia University   4


Doctoral Universities: Very High Research Activity

ALEPH 5001
FOLIO -- EBSCO Information Services9
FOLIO -- Independent2
FOLIO -- Index Data2
WorldShare Management Services4
CategoryAggregate ExpendituresLibrariesAverage per LibraryPercentage
Technology$64,876,505128$506,848 2.07 %

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