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Association of Research Libraries: Current Automation Systems

This table indicates the library automation systems that have been selected by each of the members of the Association of Research Libraries. In some cases, libraries are still in the process of implementation, and the online catalog that you see in production may be based on their previous library automation system. For more information about the ARL libraries from, you can click here.

The members of the Association of Research Libraries represent the high end of the library automation marketplace. To serve these libraries, a library automation system must include a full suite of modules for each aspect of library operation, be able to handle extremely large collections, provide sophisticated features, adhere to library standards, and sustain many multiple users and a high volume of transactions. The systems selected by these libraries can be considered the best available for large research libraries.

You can also view a graph of ILS deployments and a visualization of the ILS implementation trends from 2000 through 2020

ARL Libraries
ALEPH 500 University of Maryland -- College Park   University of Notre Dame   2

Alma Arizona State University   Boston College   Boston University   Brown University   Colorado State University   Dartmouth College   Emory University   Florida State University   George Washington University   Georgetown University   Georgia Institute of Technology   Harvard University   Howard University   Iowa State University   Massachusetts Institute of Technology   McMaster University   New York University   Northwestern University   Oklahoma State University   Princeton University   Purdue University   Queen's University   Rice University   Rutgers University   Simon Fraser University   Southern Illinois University   Stony Brook University   Temple University   Texas Tech University   Tulane University   National Agricultural Library   National Library of Medicine   University at Albany   University at Buffalo   University of Arizona   University of Calgary   University of California -- Berkeley   University of California -- Davis   University of California -- Irvine   University of California -- Los Angeles (UCLA)   University of California -- Riverside   University of California -- San Diego   University of California -- Santa Barbara   University of California -- Santa Cruz   University of Connecticut   University of Delaware   University of Florida   University of Georgia   University of Guelph   University of Hawaii -- Manoa   University of Houston   University of Illinois -- Chicago   University of Illinois -- Urbana-Champaign   University of Iowa   University of Kentucky   University of Manitoba   University of Miami   University of Michigan   University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities   University of Nebraska -- Lincoln   University of Oklahoma   University of Oregon   University of Ottawa   University of Pennsylvania   University of Pittsburgh   University of Rochester   University of South Carolina   University of Southern California   University of Tennessee -- Knoxville   University of Texas -- Austin   University of Toronto   University of Utah   University of Washington   University of Waterloo   University of Western Ontario   University of Wisconsin -- Madison   Vanderbilt University   Virginia Commonwealth University   Washington State University   York University   80

FOLIO -- EBSCO Information Services Center for Research Libraries   Cornell University   Michigan State University   University of Alabama   University of Massachusetts -- Amherst   University of Missouri -- Columbia   6

FOLIO -- Independent Texas A&M University   1

FOLIO -- Index Data Duke University   University of Chicago   University of Colorado -- Boulder   3

Horizon Johns Hopkins University   Smithsonian Libraries and Archives   2

Koha -- ByWater Solutions Virginia Tech   1

None National Archives   1

Polaris Boston Public Library   1

Sierra Case Western Reserve University   Kent State University   New York Public Library -- Research Libraries   Ohio State University   Ohio University   University of Cincinnati   University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill   University of North Texas   University of Saskatchewan   Washington University in Saint Louis   Wayne State University   11

Symphony Brigham Young University   Indiana University   Louisiana State University   New York State Library   North Carolina State University   Pennsylvania State University   University of Alberta   University of Virginia   8

Voyager Auburn University   Columbia University   Syracuse University   Library of Congress   University of British Columbia   University of Kansas   Yale University   7

WorldShare Management Services Atlanta University Center   McGill University   Universite Laval   University of Louisville   University of New Mexico   5