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A registry of employment opportunities in the field of Library Technology

Library Technology Guides provides a service to collect and provide access to employment opportunities related to libraries and companies that provide services to libraries. We especially focus on technology-oriented positions. Job announcements are provided as a free service of Library Technology Guides. Any registered member of Library Technology Guides can submit announcements. Anya Arnold manages the jobs section of Library Technology Guides.

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Current Procurement Opportunities
OrganizationPosition TitleDate PostedClosing DateStatus
Coordinator for Library Technology Services & e-Resources Librarian/Asst/Assoc Prof, Library, 54013 2017-04-19 2017-05-19 Open
E-Resources and Cataloging Librarian 2017-04-18 Open
Systems Coordinator 2017-03-27 Open
Head of Technical Services 2017-03-24 Open
Implementation Project Manager. 2017-03-24 Open
Emerging Technology Librarian 2017-03-23 2017-04-12 Open
Research Data Management Librarian 2017-03-23 Open
Web Development Librarian 2017-03-23 Open
Research & Instruction Librarian 2017-03-07 2017-03-10 Open
Software Engineer 2017-03-03 2017-04-03 Open
Discovery and Access Coordinator/(Technical Services) Librarian 2017-03-03 Open
Digital Humanities Librarian 2017-03-03 2016-04-15 Open
Digital Imaging Specialist I 2017-03-03 2017-03-15 Open
Systems and Services Coordinator 2017-03-02 2017-03-21 Open
Head of Technical Services and Electronic Management Librarian 2017-03-02 2017-03-31 Open
Coordinator of Technical Services and Metadata 2017-03-02 Open
Digital Technologies Librarian 2017-03-02 Open
Library Web Analyst 2017-02-27 2017-03-20 Open
Library Technology Specialist 2017-02-24 Open
Systems Librarian 2017-02-24 Open
Library Applications Developer 2017-02-24 Open
Library Electronic Resource Management Coordinator 2017-02-21 Open
Digital Archivist (DMS) 2017-02-21 Open
Enterprise Systems Librarian 2017-02-15 Open
Lead System Architect, - The Next Generation 2017-02-15 Open
Application Developer 2017-02-14 Open
Technical Director 2017-02-13 Open
ANALYST 2017-02-13 Open
Legislative Reference Library 2017-02-13 2017-03-01 Open
Technical Services Manager 2017-02-13 Open
Metadata Librarian 2017-02-13 2017-03-15 Open
Content Management Analyst 2017-02-13 Open
Digital Library Project Manager 2017-02-13 2017-02-27 Open
Assist./Assoc Librarian-Web & Discovery Services 2017-02-13 Open
Web Services Librarian 2017-02-07 Open
Digital Services Librarian 2017-02-03 Open
Lobbyist, Office of Government Relations 2017-02-03 Open
Digital Archivist 2017-01-30 Open
Discovery Services Librarian, Assistant/Associate Librarian 2017-01-30 Open
Technical Services and Systems/Assessment Librarian (2) Positions 2017-01-30 Open
Assistant/Associate Librarian - Online Services & Digital Application 2017-01-30 Open
Processing and Digital Archivist 2017-01-30 Open
Library Services Platform Administrator 2017-01-30 Open
Electronic Resources Librarian 2017-01-30 2017-02-27 Open
Coordinator for Virtual Library Services/Asst/Assoc Prof (Revised) 2017-01-27 2017-02-27 Open
Content Management Analyst 2017-01-24 Open
System Administrator 2017-01-20 2017-04-13 Open
Sr Systems Librarian 2017-01-20 Open
Library Information Technology Supervisor 2017-01-20 Open
Technology Operations Manager 2017-01-11 Open
Metadata Librarian 2017-01-03 Open
Resource Management Librarian 2017-01-03 Open
Technical Support Representative 2017-01-03 Open
Library Systems and Applications Analyst 2016-12-01 Open