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Inmagic, Inc.

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200 Unicorn Park Drive, Fourth Floor
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801
United States
Toll free: 800-229-8398
Phone: 781-938-4444
Fax: 781-938-4446
Web site:


  • Ron Matros -- President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Phillip Green -- Chief Technology Officer
  • Florence Tony -- Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development
  • David Golan -- Vice President of Library Solutions and Client Services
  • Mike Cassettari -- Vice President of Marketing
  • Robert Warren -- Vice President of Products
  • Jeannine Flynn -- Director of Finance and Administration
  • Karen Brothers -- Co-Founder and Inmagic Fellow

Company Ownership

Privately owned. Investment by Edison Venture Fund. Part of the SydneyPLUS family of companies

Library automation systems

Inmagic, Inc. offers the following Integrated Library Systems:

  • Presto (0 libraries, 0 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 0
    School libraries: 0
    0 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • Genie (7 libraries, 7 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 0
    5 libraries have migrated away from this system.
  • DB/TextWorks (24 libraries, 34 facilities in
    Public libraries: 0
    Academic libraries: 1
    School libraries: 2
    66 libraries have migrated away from this system.

A total of 41 library facilities included in use an ILS provided by Inmagic, Inc..

Corporate Chronology

Jan 20, 2012   SydneyPLUS Inmagic division acquires Presto product.
Oct 24, 2011   SydneyPLUS acquires Inmagic's special library business.
Jul 28, 2011   Inmagic Introduces IdeaNet.
Jul 2009   Edison Venture Fund makes follow-on investment in Inmagic, Inc.
May 21, 2009   Ron Matros appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Inmagic.
Jan 21, 2009   Inmagic Presto for Social Libraries launched.
Dec 13, 2007   Inmagic receives $5 million from Edison Venture Fund.
Sep 12, 2006   Paul J. Puzzanghera named President and Chief Executive Officer of Inmagic.
Aug 24, 2004   Inmagic Presto launched.
May 5, 2004   Inmagic Genie launched.
Aug 1, 1999   Inmagic acquires BiblioTech Pro from Comstow Information Services, Inc..
1998   Karen Brothers becomes Chairman of the board of Inmagic.
Nov 1993   Inmagic moves into new corporate headquarters.
Feb 1991   Soutron Limited enters into an agreement with Inmagic to sell and support its products in the United Kingdom.
1990   Phillip Green joins Inmagic as President.
1983   Inmagic founded by Elizabeth Bole Eddison and Karen Brothers.
1978   Inmagic product developed by Warner-Eddison Associates.

Selected Articles from Library Technology Guides

The following are a sample of articles related to the major events in the corporate history of Inmagic, Inc., or you can view all articles related to the company from Library Technology Guides.

(January 20, 2012). SydneyPLUS Inmagic division acquires Presto product

SydneyPLUS KM, provider of Library KM software and solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, law firms and government agencies has just announced that its Inmagic division has reacquired Presto, bringing it back into Inmagic's portfolio of library and KM solutions. Presto is a social knowledge management platform integrating knowledge-based content with the "wisdom of the community" to create an Enterprise 2.0 environment that supports your organization’s research and business objectives. Inmagic also acquired the applications built using the Presto platform: Presto Social Library, Presto KnowledgeNet, Presto AssociatioNet, and Presto IdeaNet. In late 2011 SydneyPLUS KM acquired Inmagic's Library Suite of products and trademark. Simultaneously, it announced the intent to form a strategic partnership to co-market and support the Presto product line.

Breeding, Marshall, Smart Libraries Newsletter (December 2011). SydneyPLUS acquires Inmagic Assets: Continued Consolidation in the Special Library and Knowledge Management Solutions Arena

In a move that continues the trend toward consolidation in the broader library automation industry and significantly alters the landscape in the special library sector, SydneyPLUS has acquired key assets from Inmagic. This transaction does not involve a complete acquisition of the company, but brings the library-oriented core of Inmagic under the ownership of Sydney- PLUS. It involves a division of the assets across two organizations: the Inmagic Division of SydneyPLUS International and the former Inmagic, Inc., which will assume a new identity. In general terms, the Inmagic Division of SydneyPLUS will continue with a focus on its traditional customer base in special libraries while the remaining entity will take the Presto technology into other market sectors and industries.

Inmagic, Inc. News

Sunday Oct 22, 2017

All 85 Press Releases from Inmagic, Inc.

10 most recent items:

August 5, 2011. Inmagic KnowledgeNets resonate with association market. Increasing demand among associations for better collaboration and member self-service has led the Human Resources Professionals Association, and the American Society of Association Executives to select Inmagic Presto to make information more accessible for both internal staff and members, and to provide better overall service. <<more>>

July 28, 2011. Inmagic Introduces IdeaNet – a next-generation innovation application. Inmagic brings its latest application to market with the introduction of Inmagic IdeaNet, built on Presto technology. IdeaNet helps business-to-business product development teams bring together their knowledge and expertise with customer feedback and insight to generate ideas, manage the idea development process, and fuel product innovation. <<more>>

March 8, 2011. Inmagic Enhances DB/Text Library Suite. Inmagic has introduced Inmagic DB/TextWorks v13 and DB/Text Web Publisher Pro v13, two integral components of Inmagic DB/Text Library Suite. Enhancements have been made to improve customization, security, and database maintenance, giving library professionals new ways to control, organize, and manage information for their organizations. <<more>>

February 28, 2011. New Inmagic Presto AssociatioNet makes associations valued and preferred information resources. Inmagic unveiled Inmagic Presto AssociatioNet, the latest in Inmagic’s growing library of Social Knowledge Network applications that are designed to meet the needs of specific industries. AssociatioNet gives member-based organizations a more efficient way to provide diverse volumes of content and information resources to their members – resulting in improved service levels, increased membership attraction and retention, and more connected communities. <<more>>

August 24, 2010. Latest Version of Inmagic Presto broadens collaboration capabilities and deepens security Elements. Inmagic released the latest version of Inmagic Presto, an application that enables non-technical business users to create and manage KnowledgeNets, Social Knowledge Networks (SKN) that are tied to a specific business objective. Presto 3.5 delivers enhanced functionality to customers that include discussion forums, which facilitate topic-specific collaboration; extended single sign-on, which authenticates third-party applications; and improved overall performance optimization for large enterprise organizations. <<more>>

February 12, 2010. Inmagic announces new executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Inmagic announced that Tony Florence has joined the company’s management team as Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Mr. Florence will focus on driving the company’s global sales strategy and business development initiatives to align with increasing adoption of Inmagic Presto across enterprise organizations. <<more>>

February 11, 2010. Inmagic announces new Vice President of Products. Inmagic announced the appointment of Robert Warren to the Inmagic management team as Vice President of Products, effective immediately. Warren assumes responsibility for driving the company’s global product development strategy and aligning product development efforts with customer initiatives. <<more>>

November 23, 2009. Inmagic announces new member to Board of Directors. Inmagic announced that Paul E. Blondin has joined the company’s board of directors. Mr. Blondin brings more than 25 years of senior management experience in the software industry to the company, and will provide strategic vision and guidance to the Inmagic management team. <<more>>

November 10, 2009. Increasing Adoption of Social Knowledge Networks Fuels Growth and Expansion for Inmagic. Continuing to buck economic trends and cost sensitivities in the marketplace, Inmagic this year extended its lead in the markets for social knowledge management and special library solutions. In addition to the company’s ongoing growth and acquisition of major new accounts in the enterprise market, it has raised additional investment, and was named to Software Magazine’s list of the world’s 500 largest software and service providers. <<more>>

June 30, 2009. Inmagic Introduces Latest Version of DB/TextWorks. Inmagic introduced Inmagic DB/TextWorks v12, a foundational component of the Inmagic DB/Text Library Suite. Several key enhancements to DB/TextWorks, including improvements to batch modify, search, reporting, and imaging, have been added to improve database maintenance and workflow. With this additional functionality, special library and information professionals are freed-up to focus on providing high-quality access to information and research to their organizations. DB/TextWorks is a specialized database and text retrieval system used by more than 5,000 organizations to manage special library collections and content. DB/TextWorks can efficiently organize nearly any type of digital information—including documents, images, and multimedia—resulting in a centralized knowledge repository that is accessible to all constituents. <<more>>