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Bum Steer Roast

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The Bum Steer Roast (BSR) was a customer-organized event at the annual NOTIS Users Group Meeting at which customers, fueled by liberal consumption of alcohol, "roasted" the NOTIS staff and product; 1990-7.

It was invented by Leigh Williams of Stephen F. Austin University (-- and other Texans).

Alan Manifold wrote songs and scripts and performed (with various co-singers and accompanists) at the event.

Harry Samuels, of U. Alabama (later, Northwestern), was the regular emcee.

"Joe Notis" was a regular from 1993 to 1997.

YouTube videos of the 1994 and 1996 Bum Steer Roasts, courtesy of Alan Manifold; 1997 Bum Steer Roast recorded by Ben Schapiro / uploaded to the website by Jerry Specht.

1994 has the classic, best Joe Notis, but 1997 -- a single link to the entire video at the very bottom of this page -- is an absolute musical tour de force!

1994 Bum Steer Roast

1996 Bum Steer Roast

1997 Bum Steer Roast

Alan does Elvis...fantastically! Carolyn Coco gets down. Brilliant guitar by Roy Lechich. Don't miss Tim's 'tacet's on "Return To Vendor"

View the text of Alan's BSR 1997 script.