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DOI-X: the metadata database for reference linking: Phase 1: journal article reference linking

Abstract: DOI-X is a prototype metadata database designed to support DOI lookups. Initially oriented toward metadata for scientific journal content to support reference linking within scientific journals, it will be architected in such a manner as to support subsequent extensions to other forms of intellectual property. The prototype is intended to address the integration of metadata registration and maintenance with basic DOI registration and maintenance, enabling publishers to use a single mechanism and a single quality-assurance process to register both DOIs and their associated metadata. It will also develop the lookup mechanisms necessary to access the jouiranl article metadata, both on a single-item lookup basis and on a batch basis, such as would facilitate reference linking.

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Publication Year:2000
Type of Material:Website
Language English
Notes:Sponsored by The International DOI Foundation, The Association of American Publishers, DOI-X Subcommittee of the AAP Enabling Technologies Committee, The Corporation for National Research Initiatives.
Subject: Reference linking
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