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Press Release: Microcomputer Business Systems [November 8, 1999]

Due to increasing financial burdens that we are no longer able to meet we are shutting down Microcomputer Business Systems. As of November 8th, 1999 we will no longer be selling The LIBRARY PROGRAM, or any other software. Technical support will continue to be provided on a limited basis for an indefinite time. Requests for support should be e-mailed to, or call (503) 835-6712.


If you are an existing user of The LIBRARY Program 3.0 or 4.0 you may wish to switch to different library management software program. The data files used by The LIBRARY Program are Clarion Data Format files. As such they are not usable by many other commonly used software packages.

If you are a 4.0 user, there are data export functions built into the program. These functions allow you to convert your BOOK data to either dBase or ASCII formats. These are comonly used formats.

If you are a 3.0 user, the 3.0 Data Conversion link below downloads utility file that will enable you to convert your 3.0 data into either dBase or Basic file formats. Again these are commonly used formats. The file that is downloaded contains the readme file with instructions on how to use the conversion utilities. Download the conversion file. Copy it into your C:\LIBRARY directory, get to the C:\LIBRARY prompt, type DATACONV then press the Enter Key. When you are back to a C:\LIBRARY prompt type README then press the Enter Key. Instructions will be displayed.

3.0 Data Conversion

We want to thank our many customers for their encouragement and support for the last 8 years

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Publication Year:1999
Type of Material:Press Release
Language English
Issue:November 8, 1999
Publisher:Microcomputer Business Systems
Place of Publication:Amity, OR
Company: Microcomputer Business Systems
Products: The Library Program
Subject: Mergers and acquisitions
Library automation vendors -- business failures
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