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Library Systems Newsletter [December 1993]

For those who missed the announcement, the Macmillan Dictionary for Children is now available on CD-ROM. Targeted to children 7-12, the MDC features over 12,000 word entries, 1,000 illustrations and audio pronunciations. It is the addition of audio that makes the product one of the most useful we've seen. One may access dictionary entries by scrolling through the word list or by selecting the “Go To” icon and typing the word or its first several letters. The words display in large readable type at the center of the screen, followed by the definition, pronunciation (with syllable breaks, and possibly an illustration). Click on the word and a voice pronounces it. Currently availab1e for the PC; expected availability for the Macintosh January, 1994.

The retail price is $39.95. Hardware requirements for the PC: 4 megabytes RAM, 386 or better, MS Windows 3.1, MS CD-ROM 2.2, audio board, CD-ROM drive, VGA graphic adaptor, color monitor, mouse, and speakers. Macintosh requirements: LC or better, Mac 6.07 operating system or later, CD-ROM drive, 12-inch or larger color monitor.

Also available on CD-ROM, the Random House Unabridged Dictionary (RHUD), is targeted to an older more sophisticated user. It is a little more difficult to use, not only because it is the electronic equivalent of a 13-pound reference book, but also because of its enhanced search options. Our favorite is “random card” searching. For example, if one wanted to find “catechism,” but didn't know whether it begins with a “c” or a “k” and further, whether the fourth letter is an “a,” “e,” or “i,” the following search could be formulated, “?at?chism.” The dictionary can also be used as an encyclopedia. For example, to find entries for Dutch painters, one would key in “Dutch AND painter.” Boolean OR and NOT operators are also available.

Until January 1, 1994, the print and CD-ROM versions of the RHUD are available in a packaged set for $100, the usual retail price for the print edition alone. After January 1, 1994, each will be available at list for $100.

Bookstores and computer stores stock both CD-ROMs.

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Issue:December 1993
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