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BiblioFile announces one-keystroke cataloging

Library Systems Newsletter [August 1993]

The Library Corporation has announced a cataloging tool to improve technical services productivity. The Intelligent Scanner makes one-keystroke cataloging possible through a special logic board that interprets the publisher's barcode as an ISBN search term. The scanner thus speeds cataloging, reduces user input error, and makes cataloging time more productive.

The breakthrough is possible because for the past few years book publishers have been printing the European Article number (EAN) on published items. The Intelligent Scanner extracts the embedded ISBN from within the EAN, recalculates the check digit, and searches BiblioFile databases for the item. The software then presents the bibliographic information on screen, ready to be edited and saved. Since the ISBN does not have to be manually keyed, the cataloging process is accelerated and the chance of keying errors is reduced.

The price for the Intelligent Scanner is $795.

[Contact: The Library Corporation, Research Park, Inwood, WV 25428; (800) 624-0559; Fax (304) 229-0295.]

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Publication Year:1993
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Library Systems Newsletter
Publication Info:Volume 13 Number 08
Issue:August 1993
Publisher:American Library Association
Place of Publication:Chicago, IL
Notes:Howard S. White, Editor-in-Chief; Richard W. Boss, Contributing Editor
Company: The Library Corporation
Products: BiblioFile
Subject: Cataloging utilities -- CD-ROM based
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