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Auto-Graphics integrates search engine with CD-ROM Bible publishing services: grammatical studies, sermon development enhanced with hyperlinks between scriptures, dictionaries, commentaries and illustrations

Press Release: Auto-Graphics, Inc. [September 8, 1997]

POMONA, Calif., September 8, 1997 -- Auto-Graphics Inc. today announced a new service to publishers of religious texts -- the integration of a multi-faceted search engine for in-depth study on the same CD-ROM with electronic versions of the Bible and associated reference works.

Already noted for its database management and production services to religious publishing houses, Auto-Graphics has now combined a complete set of production services, with its search and retrieval technologies to create Impact/Bible. Impact/Bible is a specific implementation of the Impact search and retrieval engine that meets the special data content and delivery needs of publishers of religious works. Impact is a family of products incorporating a database search and retrieval system, supporting text, sound and graphics, "with a user-interface that goes far beyond friendly," according to William Kliss, Auto-Graphics' chief operating officer.

The Impact family of products has the flexibility to meet the needs of information providers, with a dynamic user interface to meet the specific needs of their end-users, Kliss added. Incorporating an effective and robust search engine, "it is a perfect solution for all applications from text to databases with access via print or CD-ROM media, or the World Wide Web," he said.

The first customer for Impact/Bible, AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, Tennessee, issued The Complete Word Study Bible and Reference CD-ROM in May. The CD contains the scriptures of the King James Version and New American Standard Bible texts, and a number of AMG titles including grammatical studies of the Old Testament and New Testament, Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, sermons, sermon outlines, illustrations and commentaries.

The search engine enables a reference to Hebrew and Greek words from which the English version was translated. Grammatical code links provide explanations of the way parts of speech are used. Multiple indexes allow searching on key words, Strong's Dictionary numbers and grammatical codes. Sermons and sermon outlines are hyperlinked to Biblical text and illustrations.

Auto-Graphics converted AMG's paper, word processing and desktop publishing files to Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and produced the CD-ROM. SGML is an international standard championed by the U.S. Government, corporations and many publishers to facilitate information exchange. "This was our first venture into electronic publishing and we needed a conscientious and skilled partner," said Dale Anderson AMG's vice president. "With Auto-Graphics' help we have created a research and sermon development tool unlike any other available today."

Auto-Graphics believes the Impact/Bible search engine is a leading edge technology. "Impact/Bible is a general tool that can be tailored to the special projects of most any publisher," Kliss said. "As a full service provider, we stick with our customers from beginning to end of a project and continue to support the product after it's brought to market."

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Company Information Founded in 1950, Auto-Graphics Inc. (OTC:AUGR) provides information publishing and database resource sharing systems to the publishing and library communities. The company's web site is located at

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Issue:September 8, 1997
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