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Auto-Graphics, Inc.: business history

Press Release: Auto-Graphics, Inc. [1992]

Founded in 1950, Auto-Graphics started out as a hot metal typesetter. We moved to computer typesetting in the early days of new technology, moving next into database development, and then to on-line services. Auto-Graphics has capitalized on technology and on our creativity and expertise to develop a number of products and services.

Drawing on extensive computer power, Auto-Graphics is able to assess and respond efficiently and effectively to our clients' needs with customized solutions that build confidence and create loyalty. Auto-Graphics works closely with our clients to design and develop information publishing products and services that are both cost-effective and innovative. Whether it's creating a more efficient database, or finding a better way to produce electronic or print products, Auto-Graphics delivers.

Auto-Graphics has provided innovative products to the Publishing and Library communities for over 40 years. Auto-Graphics consists of two divisions, the Publishing Services Division and the Library Services Division.

Auto-Graphics' Library Services Division provides custom products and services to the library community. The Library Division offers easy-to-use and flexible CD-ROM public access catalog and Inter Library Loan systems for libraries requiring multiple workstations, fully integrated circulation, cataloging, and library management systems. Over one million people per day use our software to access library information. We also provide a powerful on-line system for book cataloging, database conversion and maintenance. Auto-Graphics recently announced on-line capability to our customers through Internet, in addition to our existing on-tine capabilities.

The Publishing Services Division provides database services and information publishing solutions to a diverse customer base, and is a leading supplier of database publishing, electronic composition, and CD-ROM services to publishers of texts, directories, Bibles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference works. We are also a supplier and implementor of SGML technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.

Publishing Services Customers include some of the most prominent publishers in the industry, Houghton Mifflin, Columbia University Press, P.F. Collier, Oxford University Press, and Zondervan Publishing. Knowing our roots, today Auto-Graphics' powerful typesetting systems include Xyvision, Quark, FrameMaker, and of course, our custom pagination for directories and Bibles. With forty years experience providing the quality and expertise necessary to help you produce your print products. Today, we even have the toots and knowledge to help you move any portion of the production or typesetting process in-house.

With today's focus on using your data over and over, from Print to Electronic products, we are uniquely positioned to help you. We are here to help you meet your needs by:

  1. Understanding the publishing process, and what it means to you.
  2. Knowing the value of a database and the ability to help you develop or enhance your data.
  3. Completely understanding and having extensive experience with SGML production.
  4. Offering a set of tools that address the unique needs of SGML, while understanding that we must keep it simple.
  5. Providing tools for conversion.
  6. Providing tools for the authoring and editing of your most precious asset -information.
  7. Production tools that include:
    • SGML interfaces to DTP
    • File conversion
    • Parsing
    • Authoring
    • CD-ROM Search and Retrieval
    • Adobe Acrobat integrator and reseller

We offer a comprehensive software system for users of textual databases in the publishing and library industries called IMPACT. IMPACT for DOS, Windows or Mac combines the storage capabilities of CD-ROM technology with powerful and intuitive, user-oriented search and retrieval software. The product supports SGML, MARC and generically-tagged files and is ideally suited for publishers of structured documents and databases.

Recent electronic projects include Granger's World of Poetry on CD-ROM for Columbia University which was named by PC Magazine as, "One of the top CD-ROM's produced Another exciting project is J.G. Ferguson's Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance in the Windows and Mac environments. This CD-ROM displays a wealth of information in a simple presentation designed for secondary school students.

SMART Editor

Auto-Graphics has recently introduced Version 5 of its successful Smart Editorial System. Prior versions of the Smart Editor ran under a DOS operating environment, or on a network with UNIX and Novell. The new release moves the editor to the standard Windows platform, while it adds the powerful "research" feature found in our search and retrieval engine called IMPACT. The Smart Editor family will enhance the ability for customers to migrate to SGML for input and editing using the database approach.

Houghton-Mifflin's American Heritage Dictionary built and maintained in the Smart Editor, is a prime example of an SGML database producing multiple products and providing profits to its publisher.

Auto-Graphics is a technology company that understands databases in any format. Auto-Graphics is a provider of publishing software solutions, and an implementor of custom solutions.

Whether its a print product, an electronic product, or a better way of acquiring or presenting information, call one of our representatives today.

Our approach to any project is that of a partner. We want to establish long-term relationships, not just jobs.

For further information, please call Richard Dildine at (800) 776-6939 ext. 328.

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