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Data Trek, Inc. announces World Wide Web OPAC: libraries can now make their catalogs accessible for browsing on the Internet

Press Release: EOS International [May 6, 1996]

(Carlsbad, CA - May 6, 1996) -- Data Trek, Inc. introduces WorldPAC, an easy-to-use World Wide Web browsing tool which enables library professionals to place their online public access catalogs on the Internet. This enables the library's catalog to be browsed by any graphical Web browser such as Netscape or Mosaic.

"Our library clients have been very interested in our development of an OPAC for the World Wide Web" said Data Trek CEO, Scot Cheatham. "WorldPAC gives them the capability of opening up their library resources to anyone anywhere in the world."

WorldPAC has a user-friendly, point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) which enables users to browse a library's catalog by Author, Title or Subject Indexes. A hit count is provided indicating the number of records available matching any related index term. For instance, WorldPAC immediately shows you how many bibliographic records a library collection has for a particular author or how many titles are available under a certain subject heading.

WorldPAC wraps MARC records with an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) script and then creates the WorldPAC interface. A library only needs to be able to provide its records in MARC format. No HTML programming knowledge is required by the librarian. WorldPAC handles all of the HTML. scripting automatically. The records can then be placed on the library Web browser for user access.

All of the text in WorldPAC's interface, as well as the setup options are completely definable by the library staff For example, the text in WorldPAC ' s introductory screen can be tailored with such library-specific information as the name of the library and its hours of operation. In addition, a library can set up tabs linking WorldPAC to its Home Page, as well as the WorldPAC Information Pages and Help Pages.

Additional features found in WorldPAC include:

  • Default Main Page and Online Help text;
  • Support for up to 100,000 record collections;
  • Roman language translation options;
  • Standard Windows features in WorldPAC setup functions, including drop down menus and cut and paste options.
  • Basic hardware and software requirements for WorldPAC include a minimum 386/40Mhz processor with 8MB of RAM (memory); Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later; an established connection to the Internet on both the server and client side, and a graphical Web browser such as Netscape or Mosaic on the client side.

    Planned for release in the 3rd Quarter of 1996, WorldPAC is a stand-alone product but can also be used with other Data Trek and IME software as well as other MARC-based library automation products.

    Data Trek, Inc. recently acquired IME, Ltd. and together the new, combined company produces four complete library automation software product lines: the Graphical Library Automation

    System (GLAS), a newly released, Windows-based library automation system; the Manager Series a MARC compatible, text-based product line with over a decade of user refinement; the Professional Series , an integrated fill MARC system, which strictly adheres to USMARC standards, and Information Navigator or TINLIB, a text-based system specially designed to handle complex and irregular bibliographic data in large libraries.

    Headquarted in Carlsbad, Calif, the combined company of Data Trek and IME also has a European Headquarters office in London, England, as well as 40 offices and affiliates worldwide to serve over 6,500 clients in 85 countries, in all types of libraries.

    If your readers would like more information about WorldPAC, they can contact Data Trek, Inc., 5838 Edison P1., Carlsbad, Calif., 92008-6596; telephone 800-876-5484 or 619-431-8400; fax 619-431-8448; e-mail; URL:

    If you would like more information about this announcement or would like to request artwork, please contact Leigh Connor at the numbers listed above or send e-mail to

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