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Data Trek, Inc. Profile: company and product history

Press Release: EOS International [1995]

Data Trek, Inc. is a software company that produces and markets three complete lines of turn-key microcomputer library information systems.

Data Trek was founded in 1981 by brothers David and Scot Cheatham. They saw the need to combine state-of-the-art microcomputer technology with international library standards for the improvement of libraries and information centers worldwide.

In addition to its headquarters located in Carlsbad, Calif., Data Trek has offices and affiliates in New York, New England, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Columbus, Toronto, Pads, London, Sydney, Torino, Madrid and other cities around the world.

The Manager Series" (originally called Card Datalog) was Data Trek's first library automation product. It was developed by David Cheatham for a librarian at Verbatim Corporation who saw the need for a microcomputer automation solution. Apple Computer followed, purchasing the software for its corporate library. This initial success prompted Data Trek to continue to develop additional library automation solutions, each meeting the needs of different types of librarians.

Today, Data Trek offers both the Manager Series and the Professional Series"'. Data Trek has helped automate thousands of libraries around the world. These audiences include corporate, government, medical, law, public, special, academic and school libraries.

Data Trek has quickly become successful in selling its products to major corporate and government sites, including American Express Canada, Inc., Coca-Cola, AT & T, NASA, Bank of America, U.S. Postal Service, Hanford Insurance Group, Martin Marietta, Texaco Oil, U.S. Space Command, Hershey Foods and Wausau Insurance.

Data Trek has also been successful in the public, academic and school markets. Such prestigious clients include: Boston University, Dodge City Public Library, Franklin Pierce College, Bourbon Public Library, DeSoto Independent School District, Mesquite Independent School District, Durham Board of Education and American College, to name a few.

Data Trek continues to meet the needs of special librarians including the St. Agnes Hospital, Sasalcawa Peace Foundation, United Nations, San Diego Museum of Art Library, New York State Dept. of Transportation, New Hampshire Historical Society, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Women's College Hospital, and BHP Minerals.

Because of interest from clients, additional library and media automation products have been developed by Data Trek. Such products include an image linking product, a Windows"' product, an audio/visual media management product, and a union catalog product.

Data Trek has been an approved GSA Contractor since 1985. Data Trek's current GSA contract provides both the Manager Series and Professional Series product lines at a special discount and with pre-approved terms and conditions. Any federally funded library may simplify their procurement process by using Data Trek's GSA contract. There are similar discounts available for Canadian federal agencies.

In 1988, Data Trek raised $1 million in venture capital. This infusion of capital spawned further product and marketing developments. Data Trek produced a new product line called the Professional Series. Also, Data Trek was able to pursue a stronger marketing program. Arid because Data Trek is responsive to its customers' needs, this proactive commitment allows Data Trek to provide both quality products and services. Data Trek continues record growth and is consistently profitable.

The product lines are available directly from Data Trek and through a growing network of domestic and international distributors.


Data Trek, Inc. is committed to being a market-driven, market responsive innovator in the field of library automation solutions. The company continues to be a recognized leader in the microcomputer-based library automation and information retrieval systems arena. It is vitally important to Data Trek to strongly maintain as a socially responsible company in the development, production and distribution of products and services.

Corporate Mission

Data Trek, Inc. delivers cost-effective products and services to help special, public, academic, school, and government libraries and media centers automate their libraries.

Data Trek's New Division

The Information Management Solutions (IMS) Division of Data Trek, Inc. delivers cost-effective automation products and services to help both public and private organizations streamline and optimize their business processes through the use of document management, imaging and workflow systems.

Meeting the Needs of Librarians and Information Managers

As a conscientious market-driven company, Data Trek, Inc. values the individual needs of each librarian and information manager. Just having an affordable, quality product isn't enough in today's market. Librarians need to not only "build a system" based on technological demands, but they also need industry and standards support, quick and effective technical support, and recognized product and company commitment. Data Trek's foundation is built on complete customer satisfaction.

Data Trek believes in a strong commitment to industry involvement and professional association membership. Such sponsorships include the Solo Librarians Division of the Special Libraries Association, the Armed Forces Libraries Round Table of the American Library Association and many others.

As a member of several associations, Data Trek believes in supporting the activities of librarians. Memberships include: American Library Association (ALA), Special Libraries Association (SLA), Medical Library Association (MLA), American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Canadian Library Association (CLA), Ontario Library Association (OLA), Public Library Association (PLA), Library and Information Technology Association (LIT A), American Records Management Association (ARMA), and American Imaging and Information Management Association (AIIM).

Furthermore, Data Trek is actively involved in standards-setting committees such as NISO, BISAC, SISAC, AVIAC, MARBI, and MicroLIF.

Data Trek offers a select group of products that addresses the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The visually impaired can now have increased access to information with the help from Data Trek products.

Data Trek's products also offer easy EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) options allowing users to upload information from serials subscription vendor information diskettes for automatic comparison to material present in Data Trek's Serials or Acquisitions modules. Vendors that Data Trek products support include: Dawson Subscription Service, Faxon, Faxon/Canada, Turner Subscriptions, Majors, Readmore, Information Store and Ebsco. In addition, Data Trek software is structured for compatibility with X12 EDI, a standard communication format allowing immediate online transfer of information.

Data Trek has also been recognized by its peers. In 1993, Data Trek's GoPAC product was the recipient of the "Innovative Product or Service" Award from Meckler Corporation's Computers In Libraries magazine.

In 1991 and 1993, The Professional Series received a 9 out of 10 rating from Library Technology Reports, which produces a bi-annual automation technology review. Comparative rating subjects included features, data storage, performance, ease-of-use, documentation, customer support and applicability. The Professional Series was quoted as software that "should be seriously considered by any type of library and is highly recommended."

Product Lines

Data Trek, Inc. products were created with the five tests of a successful library automation system in mind: usability, reliability, maintain-ability, standard-ability and afford-ability. The following products resulted from this philosophy:

Manager Series,(originally Card Datalog) is a text-based, product line with over a decade of user-driven refinement. It is a straightforward, user-friendly library automation software package, providing such features as an integrated menu, variable length field storage, online help, and browse and pick lists. The Manager Series is written in the Clipper programming language and supports several networks, including Novell, LAN Manager, VAX Pathworks, LANtastic, 3Com and Banyan. Also, all of the Manager Series modules are available in English, British English, French, and selected modules are available in Spanish, Italian, Polish and German.

Over 3000 special, corporate, medical, legal, government, and other libraries have found that Data Trek's incorporation of their enhancement suggestions has created a library system that is responsive to their needs and the needs of their patrons.

Professional Series, released in 1991, is a text-based, user-friendly automation software package designed to meet the latest library automation standards. It strictly adheres to full MARC standards as well as X12, SISAC and BISAC standards. It imports, exports, and maintains full MARC records without losing a single MARC tag, field or subfield. User-friendly features include user-definable controls and options, variable length field storage, complete MARC rule validation and a single integrated main menu. It clearly represents a culmination of evolutionary phases that provides complete integration of all information management functions and library technology.

The Professional Series is written in the C programming language and supports several networks, including Novell, LAN Manager, VAX Pathworks, 3Com and Banyan. Currently, it's available in English and French, with plans for other language releases.

In its first year of release, the Professional Series was purchased by an average of over 10 librarians a month as their library automation software choice. The Professional Series continues to be the top choice for librarians who need full MARC software.

Graphical Library Automation System

(G.L.A.S.), released in 1995, is the most comprehensive, Windows-based library automation system enabling library professionals to achieve greater productivity - at an affordable price. Library professionals have told us they needed and wanted an integrated Windows-based automation solution and now it's available with G.L.A.S.

Since G.L.A.S. is a Windows-based product, librarians can have multiple windows open at one time, even within the same module. For example, librarians can edit cataloging information while processing serials claims, while checking out circulation materials, while placing a hold, while editing a patron record, etc., as each module is in an opened window.

Designed using Computer Associate's Visual Objects, G.L.A.S. adheres to the standards of Windows development. This fully object-oriented application development system is gives librarians the latest in full-featured, state-of-the-art library automation applications. G.L.A.S. can run on both local area networks (LAYs) and wide area networks (WANs) that support Windows applications.

All three of Data Trek's microcomputer-based product lines are modular in design, permitting a library to purchase one piece at a time, as needed and budget allows. Modules for both product lines can be tailored to meet the user's needs. Sold separately, modules include:

  • Cataloging, a bibliographic database management system which allows for the creation of multiple databases and online file searching using Boolean logic.
  • Circulation, automates and facilitates fast and simple check-in, check-out, hold, and renewal using barcode and laser scanning technology.
  • Serials, which simplifies all major serials collection management tasks such as check-in, routing, claiming, binding, searching and file management.
  • Acquisitions, simplifies and automates this process including building a consideration file, ordering, receiving and claiming.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), gives library users rapid and powerful access to data in their Cataloging module while preserving system security.
  • Databridge, provides the link between online MARC record sources and the library in-house system, thus minimizing initial cataloging.

Additional modules for librarians to build their automation systems include:

  • GoPAC (Graphical Online Public Access Catalog), provides rapid online access to catalog information by utilizing the latest Windows technology, including special "HyperSearch" functions. There is also a Macintosh version available.
  • ImageLink, imports and links scanned images to individual records in GoPAC.
  • Report Generator, lets users modify Over 150 reports in their Manager Series Cataloging, Circulation, Serials, and Acquisitions modules.
  • Audio/Visual Handler, a fully menu-driven system that provides booking control, media cataloging, rented media control, vendor control, inventory control, and facilities (room) control.
  • Union Cataloging and Satellite Cataloging two modules allowing the sharing of data for searching and central cataloging control, with many additional features.
  • NetPAC, a stand-alone module, is an easy-to-use, intuitive, Z39.50 client interface for access to any Z39.50 compliant database made available over the Internet. Librarians can search and retrieve data which can then be reviewed online or off-line.

In addition, Data Trek offers several software utilities and modules specific to each product line, including support for EDI journal subscription services. As a turn-key vendor, Data Trek also provides complete hardware packages, network equipment and ongoing automation supplies such as book labels and catalog cards.

Support Services

Data Trek, Inc. offers a full-range of support services to ensure Data Trek clients have a comprehensive library automation solution. These services include data conversion, training, software support and hardware support.

  • Data Conversion involves converting catalog data into a machine readable format for Data Trek software. Data Trek provides three types of data conversion services. In one option, clients provide their collection on a 9-track tape from a MARC records source and Data Trek downloads the information into the Data Trek system. A second option allows the client to convert existing Manager Series data into Professional Series format. The third option is custom data conversion for clients whose collection is not in MARC format.
  • Initial and Refresher Training programs are designed to help users first learn the software and then pick up tips on advanced procedures. In Initial Training, Data Trek offers a selection of methods including training by telephone, at the library itself or at Data Trek headquarters. Refresher Training seminars are offered at select regional sites and national conferences.
  • Software Support Subscription provides users with a package of support benefits including free software upgrades, scheduled and unscheduled product updates, toll-free telephone support from trained technical experts, subscription to TechNotes, a technical bulletin written specifically for each Series, subscription to Input/Output, a quarterly company news guide and free Refresher Training seminars. Hardware Support Contracts are also available for hardware purchased from Data Trek.

Other Special Services

Data Trek, Inc. is committed to our clients, not only through state-of-the-art technology, but they offer special services to meet the needs of every client. These special services include:

  • Input/Output, a quarterly newsletter published by Data Trek, is informative for librarians and information professionals. The publication includes news about Data Trek, its products and its clients.
  • Free Software Samplers, for each module, provide a guided tour of the software.
  • Software demo package allow a fully-interactive view of what to expect from the software. The fee is applied toward the actual purchase of the product.
  • Client User Groups are conducted at the regional and national level. Regional user groups are formed and maintained by interested clients. Data Trek supports them with guidelines, brochures, samplers, and, whenever possible, personnel. National user groups are coordinated by Data Trek and held at major national library conferences for all clients wishing to attend. A library can get in touch with any Data Trek user group by calling Data Trek headquarters. Currently, there are over 20 established Data Trek user groups in major cities worldwide.

Reseller Agreements

Data Trek is also a reseller for Novell, Merisel, Silicon Valley, ACER, Percon, Fifth Generation Systems, Tech Data Corporation, GBC/VITEK, CUBIX Corporation, Modern Information Systems, United Solutions, Inc., Tense Electronix Corporation, and Vernon products and supplies.

Additional products that Data Trek resells includes V View, a specialized product for the visually impaired, and three Touch Screen monitors for use with the Data Trek GoPAC software product. Both products address the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and increase access to information for the visually impaired.

The Data Trek's IMS Division is a business partner for both Optika Imaging Systems and Xsoft. Optika is the recognized leader in high-performance PC-based imaging and workflow software. Xsoft, a division of Xerox, manufactures an authoring tool for SGML documents called InContext. Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) is an information encoding mechanism that is gaining key acceptance in both the public and private sector. It represents the underlying technical facets of document management. The IMS Division has contributed to the refinement of the latest version of the InContext product.


In addition to selling direct, Data Trek, Inc. offers its products to end-user customers via distributors both domestic and international. Currently, there are six distributors authorized by Data Trek:

  • Software Marketing Center, Columbus, Ohio
  • Administrative Software Applications, Mountain View, California
  • Data Trek Australasia, Sydney, Australia
  • EBSCO ITALIA S.R.L., Turino, Italy
  • Gabinete Asesores Documentacion, Madrid, Spain
  • Doc 6, Barcelona, Spain

Recent Agreements

In June, 1993, Data Trek, Inc. and INLEX, Inc. signed a Letter of Intent for Data Trek to purchase The Assistant from INLEX. With the acquisition of The Assistant, Data Trek has added over 200 new clients. Data Trek will provide product support to Assistant users with current support agreements. In addition, those Assistant users interested in migrating to Data Trek products will be offered a special economical package and easy conversion options.

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

(CSA) and Data Trek, Inc. announced in August, 1993 an agreement to create a new, powerful and affordable way for researchers to access CSA's valuable databases. CSA will make its abstracts databases accessible via Data Trek's award-winning Windows software product, GoPAC (Graphical Online Public Access Catalog), as well as the MS-DOS based OPAC, starting Fall, 1993. Researchers in the environmental and medical sciences will have expanded accessibility of CSA's 28 magnetic tape databases through a new series of PC diskette products.

Data Trek, Inc. purchased the OASIS library automation product line from Dawson Holdings PLC's Technology Division in February, 1994. This acquisition has added nearly 300 libraries to the Data Trek library automation family. Data Trek's offices in the United Kingdom and France will take responsibility for the support of OASIS and the conversion to Data Trek, Inc.'s products. These offices are contacting each OASIS client to discuss the implications and effects of the changeover. In addition, Data Trek will be the host of several User Groups for OASIS clients throughout 1994. The OASIS product line includes Catalogue, Circulation, Serials (SMS), Acquisitions, and Inter-Library Loan (AIM).

In July, 1994, Data Trek, Inc. and UMI signed an agreement to significantly expand the accessibility of UMI's ABI/INFORM database for businesses worldwide. UMI will make their database product available to Data Trek software users, and accessible via Data Trek's GoPAC software, starting in the winter. Business professionals will have online public catalog access to more than 500,000 abstracts, which cover approximately 1,000 business and management journals.

Data Trek, Inc. Management Biographies

David Cheatham, President

As founder and president of Data Trek, David developed the first versions of Data Trek's microcomputer-based library automation system, Card Datalog (now known as the Manager Series).

His BA. in Business Administration from Principia College and M.B.A in Management from Pepperdine University have enabled David to capitalize on his administrative skills coupled with his programming talents.

David oversees a new division of Data Trek, which is focused on developing and marketing new information management technologies including document imaging, workflow, information agent products, and text retrieval and publishing. David is listed in the Who's Who in the West and Who's Who in the Computer Industy.

Scot Cheatham, Chief Executive Officer

Scot joined his brother David in 1982 as a partner and sales manager at Data Trek. Scot graduated with high honors from Principia College in 1976 receiving a B.A. in Economics. Gaining experience in the financial and insurance fields while working for Thomson McKinnon and Financial Industries, Scot's financial and sales experience have provided a strong foundation for Data Trek to grow in its formative years.

As Chief Executive Officer at Data Trek, Scot oversees Data Trek's library automation Development, Marketing, Sales, Support, Administration and Finance managers. In addition, Scot serves as a member of Data Trek's Board of Directors.

Scot's business expertise has enabled Data Trek to grow and reach many company milestones. A few of his accomplishments include raising Data Trek's first $1 million in investment capital, establishing Data Trek's European subsidiaries in France and United Kingdom, and spearheading the development of GoPAC, Data Trek's award-winning graphical online public access catalog.

Through Data Trek, Scot is a member of the American Library Association, Special Libraries Association, Medical Library Association, American Law Libraries Association, Public Library Association, and Library Information Technology Association.

Mark Patterson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mark, a magna cum laude graduate from University of California at Davis, started with Data Trek in 1983 as a sales associate.

Since then, he has written the Card Datalog v4.0 user manual (now known as the Manager Series), sold the first international sites for Data Trek, founded Data Trek's product line user groups, and started the Data Trek In put/Output Newsletter.

He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1989 as Secretary and promoted to Vice President, Sales & Marketing in 1989. He now oversees both the corporate Marketing and Sales departments, along with Data Trek's regional sales offices.

Gayle Graff, Manager of Product Support and Training

Gayle came to Data Trek in its initial stages bringing with her a teaching credential and degree in Fine Arts from Principia College.

After thoroughly learning Data Treks product lines as a Product Support Technician, Gayle added client training to her expertise. Her teaching and education background brought both guidance and strength to Data Trek's Support and Training department. Gayle troubleshoots technical issues for all three Data Trek product lines, as well as oversees the department training schedule and staff In 1985, Gayle was promoted to Manager of Product Support and Training and enjoys working with Data Trek clients and staff to provide the highest quality support possible. Jeff Smith, Product Manager Jeff came to Data Trek in 1984 with a degree in Information Systems from San Diego State University and several internship experiences with Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett-Packard and NCR Corporation.

Jeff has held several positions in both the programming and hardware departments at Data Trek, so he's best equipped to answer any technical question a client (or Data Trek employee) may have.

As Data Trek's Product Manager, Jeff oversees a group of systems analysts, programmers, quality control technicians and hardware technicians. Also, he manages the DOS, Mac, VAX and international versions of Data Trek's software. In addition, he is responsible for Data Trek's in-house automated sales system, tech support system and online client file, and was responsible for guiding Data Trek into the Novell Gold dealer level.

Virginia Benz, Manager of Administration

Virginia came to Data Trek in 1989 with over 10 years experience in management and an Associate Degree in Illustration and Design. Virginia's background encompasses expertise in administrative and human resources management, marketing, art production and sales. Starting in the sales department, Virginia learned first hand about Data Trek's products and client needs. She participated in an "Introduction to Technical Services for Library Technicians" class to gain a better understanding of librarian's needs. In addition, she completed a Certificate of Concentration in Operations/Human Resource Management.

In 1990, Virginia was promoted to Manager of Administration, further extending her responsibilities and importance at Data Trek.

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