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Data Trek, Inc. ships two new modules for the Professional Series: supports full MARC records; adheres to latest automation standards

Press Release: EOS International [June 17, 1993]

(Carlsbad, CA - June 17, 1993) -- Data Trek, Inc. releases Serials and Acquisitions modules, versions 1.0, for the Professional Series product line. Each module is feature-rich, full MARC software designed to streamline library activities.

Professional Serials simplifies major 'serials collection management tasks such as check-in, routing, claiming, binding, searching and file Management. Sophisticated and powerful, Professional Acquisitions automates the acquisitions process and facilitates tasks such as storing items for consideration and placing orders in preparation for receipt. Both Professional Serials and Acquisitions promote information sharing among libraries with their full MARC capabilities, yet remain easy to learn and use.

"We designed the software to simplify library activities and save valuable time," Chief Executive Officer Scot Cheatham explained about the Professional Serials and Acquisitions modules. "Our goal is to offer a complete library management software package that adheres to the latest standards while remaining cost-effective."

Professional Serials adheres to the latest serials industry standards including: support for the USMARC Bibliographic and Holdings Records. Because Professional supports the MARC Holdings Record format, libraries are able to indicate the frequency pattern of publications, to accurately predict expected issues, and to display local holdings in the OPAC. Irregular patterns can also be predicted accurately, and Professional Serials' entry screens provide an easy format for inputting the Holdings Record data.

By following the SISAC Z39.56 - 1991 Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI standard, Professional Serials lets librarians use a barcode reader to automatically check-in all periodicals with a SISAC barcode. Data Trek's software identifies the volume and issue number from SICI codes and prompts the user to complete the check-in process. Even without SICI barcodes, users can check-in publications with just one keystroke.

Professional Serials supports linkable analytic entries which provides greater access to special interest topics in serials tides and issues. Linked analytic entries give OPAC users instant access to detailed special interest information not typically cross referenced.

Professional Acquisitions adheres to the latest library and information science standards including: support for USMARC Bibliographic Records, and X12 Electronic Data Interchange standards. By supporting these standards, Professional Acquisitions allows users to process claims and orders with any serials or book vendor. Since these claiming and ordering formats are industry standards, all types of libraries will have equal access and better lines of communication.

The Professional Acquisitions Consideration Pile maintains a separate list of items under review. A user-assigned priority code gives users control over the ranking of material preferences. The note field, a place for references to relevant reviews, citations and bibliographies, lets users refer to current evaluations of each item. All data in the Consideration Pile, including bibliographic, requestor, and fund account information, is automatically transferred to the appropriate records when users decide to order.

Ordering, receiving and claiming becomes quick and easy with Professional Acquisitions. Multiple line items can be linked to a single order and then allocated to different fund accounts, as specified by the user. Users can check-in entire orders with one keystroke or keep track of partial receipts while automatically recording the transactions in appropriate fund accounts. Professional Acquisitions automatically tracks item due dates and provides users with a browse list of all outstanding materials.

Hardware requirements for Professional Serials and Acquisitions include having 540K RAM, a hard disk, and a 286 or better DOS-based CPU. Each module is priced at $3,950. You can receive a demonstration version of either module and full documentation to review for 30 days for only $50 (plus $10 shipping) each. The price of the demonstration module is credited toward your purchase.

A free sampler providing an overview of the Professional Series modules is also available.

Any module in the Professional Series (Serials, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Circulation, Databridge, or OPAC) can be used alone or integrated to achieve a comprehensive level of library automation. Other Data Trek, The, products include the Manager Series product line, designed for special libraries, and the School Series product line, created especially for K through 12 school libraries.

For more information about Professional Serials, Acquisitions, or any other Data Trek, Inc. product, please contact a Data Trek, Inc. Account Representative by telephone: 800-876-5484, 619-431-8400, or fax: 619-431-8448, or write: Data Trek, Inc. 5838 Edison Place, Carlsbad, CA 92008.

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