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Data Trek, Inc. releases new image linking software: import, view and link images to award-winning graphical OPAC

Press Release: EOS International [August 12, 1993]

(Carlsbad, CA - August 12, 1993) -- Data Trek, Inc. today announces the release of ImageLink version 1.0, the latest imaging technology to import and link scanned images such as photographs or illustrations to records into Data Trek, Inc.'s GoPAC (Graphical Online Public Access Catalog) software product.

"ImageLink brings a whole new dimension to online catalogs," said Data Trek, Inc.'s CEO Scot Cheatham. "Now users can view an unlimited number of images that are relevant to each catalog record without leaving the OPAC station."

ImageLink imports full 24-bit color images stored in uncompressed tag image format (.TIF) and up to 600 x 400 pixels into GoPAC, and then lets the librarian link it to any bibliographic record in their database.

GoPAC, winner of the 1993 Meckler "Most Innovative Product" Award, is ideal for linking and viewing images because it is a graphical Windows-compatible software product. GoPAC offers index searching, keyword searching, complete Boolean capabilities, truncated searches, and HyperSearch -- spontaneous searching of any word from within a retrieved record.

First, use any scanner to capture a color image to your hard disk. Next, using ImageLink, the image is imported into the program and can be previewed before being selected. Then select a bibliographic record (e.g., by author, title, keyword) and edit and link the image to the item. Multiple images attached to a single record can be viewed one at a time by using the Windows scroll bar.

ImageLink utilizes JPEG, a special data compression technique which dramatically reduces the disk space traditionally required to store an image, allowing you to store images in your database without having to significantly increase your hard disk.

ImageLink requires a VGA or Super-VGA monitor, a 386 or faster IBM or 100% compatible computer with a minimum of 4 Mb RAM available, a hard disk, Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or higher and Data Trek, Inc.'s GoPAC. ImageLink is compatible with Manager, Professional and School Series product lines.

Data Trek, Inc., founded in 1981, is a privately-held software company that produces and markets a complete line of microcomputer turn-key library automation systems. Located in Carlsbad, Calif., Data Trek, Inc. also has 19 offices and affiliates worldwide.

For more information about ImageLink, GoPAC, or any other Data Trek, Inc. product, please contact a Data Trek, Inc. Account Representative at 800-876-5484,619-431-8448, fax 619-431-8448, or write Data Trek, Inc.; 5838 Edison Place; Carlsbad, CA 92008-6596.

For more information about this press release, contact Susan Wells, Data Trek, Inc., 5838 Edison Place, Carlsbad, CA 92008-6596; phone 800-876-5484, 619-431-8400 x138 or fax 619-43 1-8448.

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