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Digital AltaVista for PCs

Library Systems Newsletter [November 1996]

The AltaVista search engine, which has become familiar to users of the Web, is now available for use on PCs. The adaptation, called the AltaVista Search My Computer Private Extension, can be loaded on a PC to search files stored on a PC. The software, which is available for the Windows95 and NT operating systems, automatically builds a full-word index of all hypertext markup language documents and more than 140 file types. Applications supported include Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, and Claris FileMaker.

A demonstration copy of the software can be downloaded from

Digital, Lycos, InfoSeek Corporation, and several other search engine vendors are aggressively pursuing the sale of the products for use within organizations. Networks which utilize jthese search engines are already being dubbed "intranets."

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Publication Year:1996
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Library Systems Newsletter
Publication Info:Volume 16 Number 11
Issue:November 1996
Publisher:American Library Association
Place of Publication:Chicago, IL
Notes:Howard S. White, Editor-in-Chief; Richard W. Boss, Contributing Editor
Subject: Search engine technology
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