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Library Systems Newsletter [November 1996]

There are a number of software packages for creating a home page on the Web which will guide one through the maze without even learning HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code. Among the available products are the following:

HotMetal Pro

One of the first Web authoring programs, includes multimedia features such as sound and video. It is available only for Windows. The software converts into HTML format files created in Corel WordPerfect, Lotus WordPro, and Microsoft Word. One can view the Web page just as it will appear on the Web. The retail price is $150. It is available at most large software stores. p> HotDog Professional

While more difficult to use overall than HotMetal, this product makes it particularly easy to create links to other Web pages. There are several tutorials included. It can be downloaded at for $79.95.

InContext Spider

The particular strength of this product is that it contains over 28 templates and 200 stock images to facilitate the creation of an attractive Web page with minimum design skill. The product supports page enhancements such as forms, frames, and tables. With a built-in browser it is possible to preview pages before putting them into the Internet. The retail price is $49.99 at large computer stores or by downloading it from

Claris Home Page

This relatively new product, which targets novice users, is available for the Macintosh operating system as well as Windows95 and Windows NT. The product comes with an offer to provide a host computer on the internet for customer Web sites for up to six months without additional charge. The retail price is $99. It is available at only a limited number of software stores.


This product resembles Microsoft Word because it is produced by Microsoft. Like Word, it includes "wizards" that guide the user through the design process. There is an excellent link to Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. There are many templates. The retail price is $129. It is available at most large software stores.

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Publication Info:Volume 16 Number 11
Issue:November 1996
Publisher:American Library Association
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Notes:Howard S. White, Editor-in-Chief; Richard W. Boss, Contributing Editor
Subject: Web development tools
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