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Library Systems Newsletter [June 1986]

Two new books on CD ROM have recently been published. The first, CD ROM: the New Papyrus, edited by Steve Lambert and Suzanne Ropiequet, and published by Microsoft Press, was published in conjunction with the Microsoft Corporation's recent First International Conference on CD ROM--to date the most extensive and important meeting on the subject. Contributions to the nearly 600 page volume were made by a number of leading CD ROM authorities. The volume is divided into seven sections. The introduction provides an historical overview and summary of challenges ahead. The second section is a review of the CD system itself, including consideration of hardware, system software, and retrieval software. The third section on producing CD ROM considers data preparation and multimedia possibilities. The fourth reviews elements of design including the human factor, authoring and development and project management. The fifth undertakes a review of CD ROM publishing. The sixth-the largest section--deals with specific CD ROM applications including market considerations. Library applications are discussed. The final section includes a' list of contributors and a description of CD ROM resources. The book is quite substantial and is important for libraries or individuals who are interested in keeping up with the current and future state of the art.

The second book, Essential Guide to CD-ROM, edited by Judith Paris Roth and and published by Meckler Publishing, is a much smaller volume and is written more for the beginner. It 4.s divided into eight chapters including: an introduction to CD-ROM technology, the basics of CD-ROM technology, data preparation for CD-ROM, a discussion of drives and interfaces, one on software, a chapter on integrated CD-ROM information management, applications using CD-ROM and personal computers, and a final chapter of summary and conclusions which surveys existing impediments to market acceptance and future developments and applications of the technology. Several appendices are included: a glossary of terms; a directory of firms, organizations and groups working with CD-ROM technology; a summary of standards setting activities; and a list of relevant standard setting groups; one on CD-ROM disc mastering and manufacturing; and a bibliography of recommended readings. Also included in the book is a CD-ROM disc containing 8,800 files of executable programs, source codes and respective documentation of which all are either in the public domain or released by the author with the understanding that use will be paid for under an honor system. The Essential Guide appears to be a good place to begin a search for basic information on CD-ROM and a jumping off place for additional related information.

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Publication Year:1986
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Library Systems Newsletter
Publication Info:Volume 6 Number 06
Issue:June 1986
Publisher:American Library Association
Place of Publication:Chicago, IL
Notes:Howard S. White, Editor-in-Chief; Richard W. Boss, Contributing Editor
Subject: CD-ROM technology
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