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CLSI has banner year

Library Systems Newsletter [February 1983]

CLSI retained its position as the largest vendor of turnkey library systems with 1982 sales of $15 million and an after tax profit of more than $750,000. Some 196 systems serving 503 autonomous libraries had been installed and accepted and ten additional systems were awaiting installation or acceptance. All of the systems included circulation control and local cataloging capability. Public access catalog software was installed on 26 systems, acquisitions on 5 and media booking on 8. Interlibrary loan was a popular application, with 72 of the libraries using the ILL software. Only OCLC and MINIMARC interfaces have been frequently selected, on 56 and 12 systems respectively. Only 4 libraries had selected RLIN, UTLAS, WLN or cable TV interfaces.

CLSI lost one account during the year, the University of Houston Library. After nine years with CLSI the University has committed $1 million for an integrated Geac system to serve all four of its campuses.

Three new CPUs were offered in 1982, the PDP 11/44 minicomputer at the top of the line, the PDP 11/24 and the LSI 11/23 microcomputer at the bottom end. The 11/24 has 90% of the performance of the 11/34 which CLSI is no longer offering, but which it is still supporting. The 11/44 has twice the performance of the 11/34. The multiprocessor configuration also became generally available with 16 systems now installed. Emphasis was placed on making all hardware off-the-shelf DEC or fully DEC-compatible. The first European system is now maintained by an authorized DEC dealer.

The first CLSI libraries began to load and maintain MARC II records during the year. MARC II output capability is planned for a future release.

Service appears to have improved in 1982. The company claims 98% uptime for all of its consoles. Telephone calls to several libraries confirmed markedly improved performance. [Contact: CL Systems Inc., 81 Norwood Ave., Newtonville, MA 02160, (617) 965-6310.]

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Publication Year:1983
Type of Material:Article
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Published in: Library Systems Newsletter
Publication Info:Volume 3 Number 02
Issue:February 1983
Publisher:American Library Association
Place of Publication:Chicago, IL
Notes:Howard S. White, Editor-in-Chief; Richard W. Boss and Judy McQueen, Contributing Editors
Company: CLSI
Products: LIBS 100
Libraries: University of Houston
Subject: System migration
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