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Library Systems Newsletter [August 1981]

A number of libraries are faced with the problem of having data base searching staff acquire and maintain proficiency on a large number of data bases. Often the most skilled searcher is not at the library location to which the patron requesting the search comes for help. This is particularly common in special libraries and multi-campus academic library situations. Some libraries have, therefore, conducted the search at a separate site, but displayed the results on a screen or printer at the location at which the patron is located. The patron can react to the search by telephone as he/she sees the results. To do this, however, it has been necessary to block transmission from the site at which the patron is located so that the host computer is only dealing with one terminal, the one being used by the trained searcher. The Analytical and Information Division of Exxon Research and Engineering in Linden, NJ has accomplished this by having two modems attached to its searching terminal, one to access the host computer and another to call the remote terminal's modem. The remote terminal does not, therefore, have direct access to the host computer. Any library can duplicate this approach with the assistance of a local telecommunications support representative from the telephone company or a firm which sells modems. The experienced searchers at Exxon suggest that conference searching be done only at 1200 baud. The 300 baud transmission rate is unacceptably slow when there is a concurrent telephone conversation going on.

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Publication Year:1981
Type of Material:Article
Language English
Published in: Library Systems Newsletter
Publication Info:Volume 1 Number 02
Issue:August 1981
Publisher:American Library Association
Place of Publication:Chicago, IL
Notes:Howard S. White, Editor-in-Chief; Richard W. Boss, Contributing Editor
Subject: Online searching
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