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AXIS StorPoint CD Products Technical Specifications: Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications


Simultaneous operation in the following network environments

Novell NetWare

Supported systems: NetWare 3.11, 3.12, 4.10, 4.11 and 5.00.
Supported Protocols: NDS, NCP (IPX and NetWare/IP).
Installation: Shows up as a NetWare NDS and/or Bindery file server. NDS: Simple installation by setting a few parameters in the intuitive Web-based Wizard.The StorPoint will then install itself in the NDS tree within a few seconds.
Bindery: No configuration required.
Security: Encrypted passwords. Authorization via file server, including NDS. All security setup handled by standard NetWare tools (NWAdmin) when installed in the NDS tree. Authentication via file server when in Bindery mode.
Time synchronization: NDS
Accessing Discs: Use standard NetWare clients.
All CDs can be mapped to one drive letter.
Maximum number of users: 1000

Microsoft Windows

(including LAN Manager and IBM LAN Server)
Supported systems: Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, LAN Manager 1.3 and above, LAN Server 1.3 and above.
Supported Protocols: SMB over NetBIOS/ NetBEUI, SMB over NetBIOS/TCP/IP, WINS/NBNS.
Installation: Shows up as an NT server (user level) or Win95 server (share level), supporting WINS and DHCP. Parameters set in the intuitive Web-based Wizard.
Security: User-level or share-level access control Time synchronization: NTP.
Accessing Discs: Use Explorer, File Manager or standard OS/2 tools. All CDs can be mapped to one drive letter.
Maximum number of users: 300 (TCP/IP) or 200 (NetBEUI)


Supported systems: Supports all UNIX dialects through NFS over UDP/IP on TCP/IP networks.
Supported Protocols: NFS over UDP/IP, TCP, PCNFSD, ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP, SNMP, FTP.
Installation: Set IP address via ARP, RARP, or BOOTP.
Security: NFS version 2, User ID, Group ID, PCNFSD authentication via file server.
Time synchronization: NTP.
Accessing Discs: Use standard mount.
Maximum number of users: Not applicable.

Macintosh (*E100*)

Supported systems: Mac OS 7.x, 8.x using AppleShare 3 or newer.
Supported Protocols: AFP (Apple Filer protocol) over AppleTalk (EtherTalk), AFP (Apple Filer protocol) over TCP/IP
Security: Encrypted passwords. Password per CD/DVD or for all discs.
File system: HFS (Hierarchical File System)
Accessing discs: Use standard Macintosh network server access tools, (Chooser)
Administration: Over the web using HTTP over TCP/IP, or via text files.
Maximum number of users: 125 users over AppleTalk or 1000 users over TCP/IP

Web Browser

Supported systems: Internet/intranet over HTTP 1.0 and HTML 2.0 compatible browsers.
Supported Protocols: HTTP 1.0 over TCP/IP.
Installation: Set IP address via ARP, RARP, or BOOTP. Refer to IP number in browser.
Security: Password. Individual passwords for each disc.
Time synchronization: NTP.
Accessing Discs: Use standard browsers, e.g., Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Maximum number of users: Not applicable


Possibility to set user limit per CD.
Possibility to lock drives individually.


SNMP MIB-II and private enterprise MIB.
Platform independent configuration and management via standard Web browser.
*E100* Email (SMTP) support used for notification of system events. Event log and Statistics.


High Sierra (HSF), ISO 9660, Multisession, ISO 9660 Joliet extensions, ISO 9660 with Rock Ridge extensions, ISO 9660 level 3 support (packet-written CD/DVDs).
*E100* HFS and CD-UDF version 1.0 and 1.5.


Flash memory allows central and remote updating of the StorPoint CD software over the network using FTP over TCP/IP.


*E100* Network throughput up to 2700 Kbytes/s.
*E4* Network throughput up to 1000 Kbytes/s.


Performance caching options: None/Partial/Mirror Archiving caching options: Manual or Automatic No limitation in size of hard disk(s).
Partial caching performance: <10 s /CD.
Mirror/Archive caching performance: 6 min/650 MB.
Optimum usage of HD space by not reserving fixed 650 MB blocks.
User defined limits for maximum-sized CD/DVD to be automatically cached.


Ethernet: IEEE802.2, IEEE802.3, SNAP, DIX and Ethernet II frame types simultaneously.
Token Ring: IEEE802.5 (with early token release support for16 Mbps) frame types simultaneously.


Ethernet: RJ-45 connector (10baseT) and BNC (10base2). CD/T versions have AUI connector (10base2, 10base5 and fiber via transceiver) instead of the BNC.
Token Ring: STP (Media Type 1/DB9) and UTP (Media Type 3/RJ-45).
Fast Ethernet: RJ-45 connector (Category 5 unshielded twisted pair cable) for 10baseT or 100baseTX Fast Ethernet. Auto sensing


SCSI-2, 50-pin female micro-D connector for standalone versions and 50-pin header for tower modules. Up to 7 (14*) drives can be corrected. Up to 56 (112*) discs with LUN (Logical Unit Number) addressing, e.g., using disc changers.
* Numbers in brackets only for Dual SCSI


CPU: ETRAX 4; 32-bit RISC processor, 20 MHz.
FLASH Memory: 2 Mbytes.
RAM: 2 Mbytes, 32 Mbytes cache expansion using one or two SO-DIMM modules.
SCSI: Asynchronous (< 5 Mbytes/sec)


CPU: ETRAX 100; 32-bit RISC processor, 100 MHz.
FLASH Memory: 4 Mbytes.
RAM: 32 Mbytes, 128 Mbytes cache expansion using one EDO DIMM module.
SCSI: Asynchronous (< 5 Mbytes/s), Synchronous (5 Mbytes/sec), Fast SCSI (10 Mbytes/sec) or Ultra SCSI (20 Mbytes/sec).
Clock: Real-time clock with battery back-up included.
LEDs: Multi-colored LEDs for easy detection of status and operation.
IDE: Supported via readily available IDE-to-SCSI converters


Standalone: 12V DC, 13.2 VA, via external power unit (PS-E or PS-C).
Tower Module:Via 4-pin power connector: 5V DC (2 A) and 12V DC (0.5 A) for models with AUI connector (according to ANSI/IEEE 802.3/1993)


Height: 1.7 in (4.3 cm), Width: 5.9 in (14.9 cm), Depth (standalone): 8.8 in (22.4 cm), Depth (tower module): 8.2 in (20.9 cm)
Weight:1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)


Temperature: 40-105F (5-40C)
Humidity: 20-80% RHG, non-condensing

YEAR 2000

The StorPoint CD is year-2000 compliant.


EMC: CE; EN 55022/1994, EN50082-1/1992
FCC Subpart B Class A
Safety: EN 60950, UL, CSA, approved power supply for all countries.


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