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Ameritech Library Services, Indiana University and the University of Chicago form unique development team: joint project to focus on Horizon

Press Release: Ameritech Library Services [May 11, 1995]

Evanston, IL --May 11, 1995 -- Ameritech Library Services, Indiana University (IU) and the University of Chicago (U of C) today announced the formation of a joint development team for Horizon, the Unix-based, client/server information management system for libraries. The unique partnership involves on-site collaboration among all three staffs.

Technical and library staff from IU and U of C will be working at the Academic Division office in Evanston, IL, while Ameritech Library Services developers will be working with library, computing and networking staff at the two universities,

Torn Quarton, president of Ameritech Library Services, said the formation of this development team attests to the company's commitment to academic libraries. "We're honored to work with this group of dedicated and experienced librarians," said Quarton. "Our primary goal will be to get hands-on experience and valuable input from both universities. IU and U of C are ideal because of their large collection size, extensive system requirements and multiple site facilities.".

Martin Runkle, director of library services at the University of Chicago, said that the partnership would meet research library needs currently unmet by other information management systems. "This is an important step towards continuing customer involvement in the development of Ameritech's library automation products. By working with the Horizon development team we are confident that Horizon can meet our needs as a large research library," said Runkle.

Horizon is the proven client/server system that offers the functionality and standards required for a true open system, including Z39.50 for information exchange, the TCP/IP communications standard and an open UNIX platform for portability. In addition to the integrated library automation modules, the system works with a variety of easy-to-use interfaces including graphical and character-based clients. Horizon's flexible design enables libraries to be consistent with fixture campus-wide computing directions, incorporating new technologies as budgets allow.

Horizon provides expanded patron access to information. Horizon offers true client/server architecture, leveraging the strengths of a server and workstation network to create a powerful system. All modules, from circulation and cataloging to acquisitions and serials, are incorporated into the system, making it fully functional from the date of installation. The system integrates bibliographic and holdings data and features Z39.50-compatible access to remote information services and Internet resources. With Horizon, patrons are able to access information anywhere -- at the library, at home or at the office.

Lee Caldwell, associate vice president of information technologies at Indiana University, believes IU is also a good development partner for Ameritech. "Our history of providing every student with a network account means that our students are both computer and network literate. Their expectations of access to network-based information increase each year." Caldwell continued, "This partnership provides a mechanism to meet those expectations, now and in the coming years. And it will ensure that Horizon continues to meet the specific needs of all academic libraries."

The Indiana University Libraries, with 57 facilities on eight campuses and serving 100,000 students and 3,700 faculty across the state, have successfully implemented one of the largest and most complex library automation systems in the country, as well as an innovative array of electronic and networked information services.

The University of Chicago Library serves the primary research and study interests of nearly 15,000 faculty, researchers and students. Four general libraries and four departmental libraries house the University's research collections of more than 6 million cataloged volumes, 7 million manuscript and archival pieces, as well as many collections in formats like microfilm and electronic media.

Ameritech Library Services, based in Provo, Utah, is the leading provider of integrated information management systems to over 3,300 libraries worldwide. The company is a subsidiary of Ameritech Corporation.

Ameritech, one of the world's largest communications companies, helps more than 13 million customers keep in touch. The company provides a wide array of local phone, data and video services in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Ameritech is creating dozens of new information, entertainment and interactive services for homes, businesses and governments around the world.

One of the world's leading cellular companies, Ameritech serves more than 1.4 million cellular and 659,000 paging customers, and holds cellular interests in Norway and Poland. Ameritech owns interests in telephone companies in New Zealand and Hungary and in business directories in Germany and other countries. Nearly 1 million investors hold Ameritech (NYSE: AIT) shares.

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