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Thomas Quarton named President of Ameritech Library Services

Press Release: Ameritech Library Services [February 21,1995]

PROVO, Utah-February 21,1995--Ameritech Library Services President Paul Sybrowsky announced today that he will become chairman of the company to give him more time to pursue a new business venture, and that Thomas Quarton will succeed him as president.

Quarton, formerly a vice president with Ameritech Enhanced Business Services, will assume day-to-day operations and will be working in tandem with Keith Wilson, executive vice president of the company. Quarton come to Ameritech Library Services with more than 20 years of experience in business development and consulting, with an emphasis on building market-driven and customer-focused companies.

Sybrowsky was a co-founder of Dynix, Inc. in 1983 and served as both general manager and president of Ameritech Library Services after Dynix and NOTIS Systems were purchased by Ameritech Corporation. He has been recruited to become president of Vicendus, a new Provo-based enterprise which will apply distance learning technology to adult education conferences and seminars.

"No successful company can afford to stand still in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of information technology services," said Sybrowsky. "Today's environment demands that companies serving the library community have access to greater resources in order to continue to deliver needed products."

"Therefore, I am pleased to welcome a new leader-someone who shares both Keith's and my vision for this company and our customers, and who can help us continue to utilize the assets we have through our partnership with Ameritech," said Sybrowsky. "Tom fills that tall order and his appointment is another step in the evolution of this company."

Quarton said he will focus on leveraging the creative and strategic thinking that has powered the success of Ameritech Library Services over the years as well as taking advantage of the resources of Ameritech to meet the changing needs of customers.

"Ameritech views libraries as central to the information infrastructure of this country and the global community From Maine to Melbourne, our client libraries are a major resource in their communities and a significant hub on the information superhighway," said Quarton. "Ameritech's financial backing and its strong commitment to the library field will allow us to continue to deliver the products that will help our libraries serve their communities."

"Customer service is critical in our business," said Quarton. "My number one goal is to meet that charge through an effective and vigorous professional team that not only understands each customer's needs, but has the tools to be responsive to those needs."

As chairman of Ameritech Library Services, Sybrowsky will continue to build customer relationships maintain important alliances with key library professional groups such as the American Library Association and the Snowbird Leadership Institute, and represent Ameritech in specific national initiatives.

Ameritech Library Services develops and distributes library management systems and information access products throughout the world. With headquarters in Provo, Utah and an affiliate office in Evanston, Illinois, the company services 3,333 client libraries in 34 countries through the Library Systems group consisting of the Academic, Public Libraries, School, Special Library, and International divisions. The Information Services group, including Retro Link Associates (RLA), Vista, and GeneSys, provides database services and content delivery to customers worldwide.

Ameritech Library Services is a subsidiary of Ameritech Corporation, one of the world's largest communications companies helping more than 13 million customers keep in touch. The company provides a wide array of local phone, data, and video services in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Ameritech is creating dozens of new information, entertainment and interactive services for homes, businesses and governments around the world.

Questions and Answers

What is Tom Quarton's background and experience? Tom Quarton was selected to lead Ameritech Library Services for several reasons. Tom is a senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in electronic and print publishing, consumer products and services, and business consulting. His background and experience in market segmentation perfectly complement the direction of Ameritech Library Services since mid-1994 to create customer-focused divisions for development, sales, and support for specific types of libraries.

Tom is also exceptionally well-qualified to extend the long tradition of close customer relationships begun by Dynix and NOTIS Systems. He is a strong advocate of understanding and satisfying customer needs, and plans to build on the tradition of success at Ameritech Library Services. In addition, Tom brings a history of accomplishments at Ameritech Corporation which attest to his ability to tap into Ameritech resources for the growth of successful businesses. Tom is anxious to apply all these skills and experiences for the benefit of Ameritech customers and employees.

What is Toms vision for Ameritech Library Services? For libraries?

Toms vision for libraries is consistent with that of Ameritech Corporations mission: to enhance quality of life, improve education, and promote economic development. Ameritech believes that libraries play an integral role in these objectives as the community's chief information resource. Our job at Ameritech Library Services is to offer products and services for libraries to be effective and efficient in delivering these services to their users.

What is Paul's new title and role at Ameritech Library Services?

Paul will become chairman of Ameritech Library Services effective February 21,1995, As such, he will continue to build customer relationships, maintain important alliances with key library professional groups such as the American Library Association, and represent Ameritech Corporation in specific national initiatives.

What is Keith Wilson's role going forward?

Keith Wilson continues as executive vice president of Ameritech Library Services with broad responsibilities in strategic planning, company direction, new product research and development, and marketing. Keith continues to be integral to the leadership team of Ameritech Library Services.

Are any other leadership positions changing?

The existing management teams will continue to operate in their respective division and corporate levels to deliver industry-leading products and services to our customers.

Is this a signal that Ameritech Corporation will have more involvement with the organization? Ameritech invested in this business three years ago and its commitment to that investment remains very strong. Our objective at Ameritech Library Services is to take advantage of the resources of Ameritech to meet the changing needs of our customers with market-leading products and services. As with the other business units of Ameritech Corporation, we are accountable for our own success.

Why didn't you announce this change at Midwinter ALA?

The American Library Association conference is, and should be, devoted to the business and planning of the Association. We chose to make this announcement first to our employees and then to a group of our customers at the annual CODI Conference in Salt Lake City.

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