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Librarians gain new insights into their researchers' arXiv usage

Press Release: arXiv [April 21, 2022]

Founded three decades ago, arXiv is now home to more than 2 million open access scholarly articles by researchers in disciplines ranging from computer science to economics.

With its ambitious mission to provide an open platform where researchers can share and discover new, relevant, and emerging science, arXiv's popularity has continued to grow in recent years. In fact, in many fields of mathematics and physics, the majority of scientific papers are posted on arXiv prior to their publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

arXiv is hosted at Cornell University, with financial support from the Simons Foundation, other donors, and more than 200 member institutions.

New among the membership benefits that all institutions receive, is access to a personalized digital dashboard, containing an overview of the articles their researchers have posted on the platform. This is the first time submission data by institution including subject category breakdown has been offered to arXiv members.

To provide this information, arXiv is partnering with Scopus to optimize that publication data and increase institution's visibility of their researcher contributions.

Updated annually, the dashboards will help institutions build a more holistic picture of the research activities taking place across their campuses. Institutions will be better able to track changes in their institution's research outputs posted to arXiv, identifying arXiv usage in different subject categories over time.

For institutions, particularly librarians, this level of detail and transparency has multiple benefits. The insights can be used to understand and report on progress towards open access and other key strategic goals. They can also be used to inform future planning. Importantly, arXiv helps institutions fulfill their mission of expanding access to scholarship.

Alison Fromme, arXiv's Community Engagement Manager commented: "Our member institutions value learning about their contributions to arXiv. It helps them understand how their researchers are contributing to the world of research, and how their institutions are contributing to the wider body of scholarly knowledge."

Elsevier's Iana Tsandev, Director of Product Management, commented: "The quality, breadth and reliability of Scopus data, combined with its transparent structure, has already seen some of the world's leading university ranking organizations use Scopus data in their calculations. We are really delighted that we now have this opportunity to share our data with arXiv for this important project valuable collaboration."

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