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ByWater Solutions Announces Aspen Discovery 22.02.00 Release

Press Release: ByWater Solutions [February 9, 2022]

With the Aspen 22.02 release, we really focused on our partners as we tackled some of their top requests including many search enhancements. We also made improvements to all of our ILS integrations with a focus on Evergreen. For Aspen LiDA, we released the groundwork to make it available to individual libraries and consortia, allowing them to create their own branded app specific to their library." - Jordan Fields, Aspen Product Librarian

We're excited to announce the Aspen Discovery 22.02 release.

Between 21.01 and 22.02, a 22.01.10 release came out, mostly involving enhancements to the Sierra ILS integration with Aspen Discovery, for libraries about to go live.

For the 22.02 release, we did a lot of foundational work for exciting things ahead including individually branded Aspen LiDA apps and integration with Evergreen, INNReach, and FOLIO.

In Aspen LiDA, we made managing browse categories easier for users. Library staff can now customize quick searches and theming and logos are now being drawn into the app from Aspen. Libraries now have an Aspen LiDA Settings in Primary Configuration that handles some customization for library branded versions of Aspen LiDA. We also added the option for dark mode and support for both portrait and landscape orientation.

In this release, we also continued our work on making searching capabilities stronger with special characters, stemming, and archival searches.

In addition to these things, we resolved bug and feature requests for over two dozen tickets and added a variety of enchantments to Web Builder, OverDrive integration, Indexing, and more.

About Aspen Discovery

Aspen is a full-featured Discovery System that integrates with eContent and other third-party providers, giving your patrons comprehensive access to all of your materials in one place. Aspen combines your library catalog with e-content, digital archives, and enrichment from all major third-party providers. It also improves relevancy and ease of use, provides native reading recommendations, displays all formats of titles within one result (record grouping), and much more. With included features like web builder and mobile app (Aspen LiDA), Aspen was created to give users an improved experience over other Discovery systems, with less impact on library budgets.

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Issue:February 9, 2022
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